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Scarlet Witch Joins Elden Ring As A Boss Character

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MCU’s Scarlet Witch dominates the new Elden Ring mod as a playable and boss battle character. The Elden Ring is a huge open-world fantasy game that players all over the world enjoy. Many fans spend hours on end beating the Elden Ring, while some speedrunners only spend under a couple of minutes.

The game was released in February, and many new contents were added by the active and engaging community of mods. The latest addition to the game is their ongoing project, Elden Ring Multiverse. COTA Studios and the brilliant modders of Garden of Eyes are currently developing this.

Scarlet Witch As A Boss Character

Scarlet Witch Elden Ring

With MCU’s Scarlet Witch as a new addition, she is featured as a versatile persona. This means players can opt to battle in a boss fight or use as a playable character. On the 26th of May, Soulsborne modder, Garden of Eyes, released the new trailer on YouTube.

Once again, the ever-intimidating Scarlet Witch demonstrated her powers just as she blew everyone’s minds in the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film. She is given new abilities and spells, and even an option to customize and make Elden Ring players appear as Scarlet Witch. And, as her signature style, Scarlet Witch also exhibited her various skills, such as the chaos magic.

Future Elden Ring Projects

Scarlet Witch Elden Ring 2

The team behind this new project also worked on adding other favorite characters, such as Darth Maul from Star Wars and Sasuke from Naruto. Both of which are open to play in boss fights. The support of fans will help these modders create more playable characters in the future. They can even cast votes on who they would like to see next in the Elden Ring.

The success of the franchise allowed its publisher, Bandai Namco, to give hints on upcoming Elden Ring content. While waiting for new releases, fans can enjoy the latest projects from COTA Studios and Garden of Eyes.

Written by Ariane Cruz

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