Schitt’s Creek: 15 Times David and Patrick Were The Best Part Of The Series

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The sugary romance of David and Patrick gave in the best parts of the sitcom. Every moment where came a glimpse of the love between them, the audience skipped a beat. Here are some of the cute moments of the couple, which constitute the best part of the series.


1. The first kiss

David and Patrick
The most beautiful moment- The first kiss

2. The unfiltered conversations

Schitt's Creek Patrick and David
What is more beautiful than this?

3. Simply the best!

Such an adorable moment between David and Patrick
Better than all the rest

4. Isn’t this cute?

Adorable moments from Schitt's Creek
… but I love you

5. Their smiles say it all

Another adorable moment
Warm hugs and sweet smiles

6. Patrick prepared a beautiful present for David’s birthday

Birthday present by Patrick
This is not nothing.

7. “You make me feel right, David.”

Schitt's Creek dialogues
One of the most lovable moments

8. The bachelor Party

The Bachelor party
I’m with stupid – I am stupid.

9. The lip-syncing performance

Favorite David and Patrick Moments
The way David reciprocates

10. The ideal moment

Schitt's Creek moments
David and Patrick Romantic Hug

11. The delightful conversations

Deciding if the scene was funnier or endearing is a challenging task. The conversations between David and Patrick always come with exciting and satisfying elements.
David And Patrick funny and cute
Schitt’s Creek

12. The candid photo-shoot

Candid photo-shoot,David and Patrick
Romance and laughter

13. The understanding shared by the duo

This scene depicts the understanding a couple should have. The couple handles the tough decisions of their life with utmost maturity.

Emotional moments Schitt's Creek
This is so pure.

14.The way they look at each other

Adorable moments,David and Patrick
Adorable moments of David and Patrick

15. Schitt’s Creek- Happy Ending

Romantic moments, David and Patrick
The wedding ceremony

These were only a few of the adorable moments shared by David and Patrick on the sitcom. However, the list is never-ending.


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