Schitt’s Creek: Hulu Paid Netflix Insane Amount To Acquire Show

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The fan-favorite sitcom Schitt’s Creek has found a new sanctuary on Hulu after the streaming platform acquired it from Netflix. The bidding involved an insane amount of money worth millions of dollars.


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The rights to the hit series were transferred to Hulu from Netflix, and reports claim that each episode costs 1.2 million dollars. The platform sealed a three-year contract for eighty episodes, and the show will be available to stream on its new home by October.


Paramount Global originally distributed the show, and this deal will allow the producers to stream the show on Paramount+. There will be a separate deal, and after three years, the rights will return to its creators Eugene and Dan Levy.

Schitt’s Creek Becomes In-Demand

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Schitt’s Creek was not successful on its debut but started gaining attention in its third season when Netflix became its streaming partner. The platform helped the show gain an international audience.


The series won nine Emmy Awards, thus creating a wave of popularity. On May 1, the team behind the show announced its departure from Netflix. However, the show will still be viewable until the 3rd of October.

“We can’t wait to share the award-winning, blisteringly funny, yet heartwarming series and characters with our subscribers. We know they’ll fit in nicely,” says Hulu president Joe Earley.

More Shows Leaving Netflix

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Schitt’s Creek revolves around the Rose family who struggles as they lost fortune and have no choice but to relocate to a little town named Schitt’s Creek. The series is likened to hit shows such as The Office and Friends, which are both binge-worthy and entertaining. The said shows also left Netflix after they were acquired by another streaming platform.

The contract between the show and Hulu will last for three years, but the show will become available on Paramount+ in its last year. Netflix will continue to stream the show in different territories outside the United States.


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