Scores of Fans are Canceling Their PlayStation Plus Subscriptions – And it’s Not Because of Starfield

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Scores of Fans are Canceling Their PlayStation Plus Subscriptions - And it's Not Because of Starfield

Xbox Game Pass was an experiment and a potential risk when Microsoft first launched the gaming subscription service in 2017 and while it took quite some time, looks like it has finally worked for Xbox. To counter that, PlayStation Plus, the subscription service of PlayStation released a tiered subscription system with PS Plus Extra and Premium but it hasn’t been what Sony would have hoped and expected.

The tiered subscription system in PlayStation Plus was released shortly after players got their hands on PlayStation 5 and releases like Stray made it more popular among gamers. But now it is being reported that fans are canceling their PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Fans Are Canceling PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

Sony announced last month that they are raising the prices of the PlayStation Plus subscription service across all tiers after revamping it past year by combining it with PlayStation Now and bringing the benefits to all three tiers. The lowest-priced tier known as PlayStation Plus Essential received a price increase of $20, bringing the 12-month subscription price from $59.99 to $79.99. PS Plus Extra went up by $35, taking the price to $134.99. And PS Plus Premium price went up by $40, bringing the annual subscription price to a whopping $159.99.

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PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus Tiers

This news of a huge price hike enraged fans and they took to social media to show their disappointment towards Sony. According to a report by Gamerant, fans started taking photos of them canceling their PlayStation Plus subscriptions as a result of this price surge. Though this outrage has now calmed down in the community, players are not happy with PlayStation and some players are even going to the extent of abandoning playing multi-player games.

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Xbox Game Pass Leaves PlayStation Plus Behind

Xbox fans were waiting a long to to play Bethesda’s highly anticipated title Starfield and although the game has seen its share of flaws and criticism, it is generally being loved by gamers. Although PlayStation Plus fans canceling their subscription is not because of Starfield, it can still be a factor behind it. Starfield has been long talked about in the gaming community and after its release, more and more players want to get their hands on the game and try it, which will see them get the Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC

Although it is still unclear how much Xbox Game Pass is making from Starfield, Bethesda announced that the game saw six million players just one day after its official launch, evidently making it a huge success for Game Pass. Also, with the big games coming to the Game Pass this month, it will undoubtedly bag some crazy money.

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PlayStation Plus
Xbox Game Pass

While Xbox Game Pass is surely ahead of PlayStation Plus, it is majorly because of the unreasonable hike in the subscription prices that has left PS Plus in bad faith with its fans. Sony has not yet stated any reason behind the price hike but fans still hope that it could be reversed if a large number of players cancel their subscription.

Source: Gamerant

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