Scorpion King Reboot Is Still In The Works!

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This sword-and-sandal fantasy is set 5,000 years before the events of The Mummy movies in ancient Egypt. Johnson stars as Mathayus, one of the last surviving Akkadians, who is hired by King Pheron (Roger Rees) to assassinate the despotic Memnon and his witch Cassandra. Despite the film’s mixed reviews, it inspired four direct-to-video sequels, the most recent of which, The Scorpion King: Book of Souls, was released in 2018.


Reboot Is very Much Alive

Scorpion King
Kelly Hu / Dwayne Johnson

According to movie producer Garcia, the Scorpion King relaunch is still in full swing, despite the fact that it never replicated the success of The Mummy franchise. Garcia revealed the Scorpion King revival is very much alive during an interview with Screen Rant, where he was addressing his numerous upcoming projects. Garcia went on to discuss the film’s future, saying it would be “rewarding” to see a Scorpion King reboot succeed with fans.


Scorpion King’s Future Seems Optimistic 

Scorpion King

With Garcia ecstatic to bring The Scorpion King back to life, it appears that the showrunners are determined to avoid the blunders of Tom Cruise’s 2017 adaptation of The Mummy. The reboot, which was supposed to inaugurate a modern Universal Monsters shared movie world, fails to capture any of Brendan Fraser’s charisma or the eeriness of the iconic vintage horror pictures. Garcia’s comments on the Scorpion King’s future, on the other hand, are optimistic, implying that the film would tone more in line with the Fraser movie’ adventure and enjoyment, which has worked well for Johnson’s other recent franchises.


Johnson Might Not Star In It, But Will Executively Produce

Scorpion King
Dwayne Johnson as Mathayus

Despite the fact that Johnson has declared he will not star in the impending Scorpion King reboot, he has agreed to executive produce it, allowing a new face to play Mathayus. While the film appears to be in good hands, it does not appear like it will be released anytime soon. Garcia recently stated that the first draft of the Scorpion King revival is now finished, implying that while the project is in the works, more details on the relaunch is likely still a long way off. With Johnson juggling many projects, it appears that The Scorpion King revival will remain buried for at least another year.


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