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Scream Fans Are Losing It After Jenna Ortega Confirms Scream 6 Will Have ‘The Most Violent Ghostface Ever’

If you are a fan of gore and blood then the most recent “Scream 6” is going to be perfect for you! But there’s nothing compared to what’s arriving in the franchise’s future. One of the Cast members “Jenna Ortega” reported to Entertainment Tonight that the next part of the horror franchise will be the most bloody and violent, as compared to what we have witnessed till now. Ortega is coming back with her role as Sam Carpenter, a victim, and survivor of the most recent Ghostface attack.

Scream 6 cast, release date revealed
Scream 6 cast, release date revealed

As I said, Ortega is returning to the franchise after 2022’s “Scream” including more capable actors like Melissa Barrera (Sam), Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy), and Mason Gooding (Chad).

Jenna Ortega Says in Scream 6 “Ghostface Gets a Lot More Intimidating” and “Gets Gorier”

Jenna Ortega returns to Scream 6
Jenna Ortega returns to Scream 6

This sixth installment will include the squad of characters as they leave Woodsboro behind and undertake to start a new journey. Principal photography on “Scream 6” is planned to start up in early summer, with a theatrical launch already decided for March 31, 2023, from Paramount Pictures. Jenna Ortega reportedly said:

“Ghostface gets a lot more intimidating.”

“I just read part of the script, and it just gets more and more gory. I think that this is probably the most aggressive and violent version of Ghostface we’ve ever seen, which I think will really be fun to shoot.”

Following the returning cast, the new movie will unite the filmmaking team once again behind the fifth “Scream” movie, with Radio Silence’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett will work behind the camera, and James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick are writing the screenplay. Also, Hayden Panettiere as Kirby will be the Ghostface killer for “Scream 4.” When the Entertainment Tonight asked about Panettiere’s return, Ortega replied:

“I’m not even going to try to touch on it,” Ortega said when asked by Entertainment Tonight about Panettiere’s return. “She has been one of my favorite characters in the franchise for a long time so the fact that her character gets to come back and redeem herself is really exciting.”

The 'Bloody Disgusting' Ghostface returns for the hunt
The ‘Bloody Disgusting’ Ghostface returns for the hunt

Hayden Panettiere is returning from the fourth installment and it’s expected Courteney Cox will be back as Gale Weathers too. But what about Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott? Recent most hyped reports suggest that rumors are circulating she won’t be back with “Campbell herself reportedly telling fans this news on the convention circuit.” The outlet however clearly states it’s only a rumor for now.

“Scream” successfully earned the franchise $140 million at the worldwide box office. You can watch the movie now at Paramount+.

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