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Secret Invasion: ‘One Night In Miami’ Star To Play Lead Villain

Marvel’s Secret Invasion is a project that is being kept under tight wraps. It was only in the end of WandaVision that we saw the MCU marching towards this coveted story arc. Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau along with their Skrull allies will be seen again in Secret Invasion. They will be defending Earth against the might of a rogue Skrull faction that has infiltrated the planet. We were still unsure as to who the primary antagonist might be. For now, at least we know who the actor playing the lead villain is.

Kingsley Ben-Adir, who played the role of Malcolm X in the critically acclaimed One Night In Miami, will play the villainous role. According to Deadline, Ben-Adir’s riveting performance as the Civil Rights activist in Regina King’s directorial debut was the sole driving force behind Marvel’s choice. As to which character Kingsley Ben-Adir might be playing, that is still a secret.

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There are so many choices for Marvel’s Secret Invasion for a lead villain. The six episode arc will have a run-time constraint but it will have to make up for it in content. To drive that content, they need a villain good enough for steering the story. Given the intensity and magnitude of the MCU right now, Ben-Adir could be playing anything from a Skrull God to even the Super Skrull.

Kingsley Ben-Adir’s earlier works include playing Barack Obama in The Comey Rule and bagging a major role in the hit show Peaky Blinders. He also stars in another Disney+ project titled Noelle. For his role in One Night In Miami, Kingsley was nominated for a total of 3 Oscar awards. He will be joining Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury for Marvel’s secret Invasion series.

There is a rich rogues gallery of villains for Kingsley to choose from. In the comic book story line, the Skrulls are revealed to have infiltrated the highest echelons of Earth. Slowly and steadily, the shape shifting aliens had kidnapped people and assumed their roles on the blue planet. These Skrull sleeper agents were themselves not aware that they were alien renegades themselves until the time came. The original plot featured names like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and the X-Men. We just might be able to see a few of them make it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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What Kevin Feige Says

Kevin Feige has promised that Marvel’s secret Invasion series will tap into the same element of paranoia and betrayal that made the comic book arc so legendary. So to have a good and promising actor like Kingsley Ben-Adir in the role of the primary antagonist is feeding fuel to Feige’s vision for the series.

Secret Invasion is set to start filming next month. We will find out soon enough who Kingsley ben-Adir will be playing. There is a lot at stake here. Marvel Studios and Disney+ must keep the ball rolling. Until we get to see Secret Invasion on screen, we can keep ourselves busy with The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. The show, featuring the two titular MCU superheroes, will stream on Disney+ tomorrow.