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Seth MacFarlane Confirms Ted Prequel Show Starting Production Soon

The film Ted (2012) was quite popular. It had a fascinating plot and was followed by a sequel in 2015. Mark Wahlberg starred as John Bennett in the movie. Bennett shunned adult responsibilities and spent time getting high with his companion, a magical stuffed animal named Ted. Capitalizing on the success and popularity of the films, a series based on the movies would stream on Peacock soon.

Seth MacFarlane reveales Ted series starting production soon
Seth MacFarlane

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The creator of the franchise, and the voice behind the stuffed animal, Ted, Seth MacFarlane revealed that the series is beginning production soon.

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Prequel Series To Ted Close To Starting Production: Seth MacFarlane

Ted, from the movie.

The series won’t have Wahlberg and would instead explore the early years of a younger John Bennett. Bennett would be played by Max Burkholder. MacFarlane would continue to voice Ted in the series. Seth MacFarlane spoke at the Producers Guild of America’s Produced By Conference and revealed that production of the series would start soon. However, he added that the post-production work for the movie would be a huge task. He said:

“You can move as fast as you want in production, and you’re still sort of at the mercy of the six, eight months, however long it takes for the CGI to be completed… So you know, in many ways, it’s what we just went through with ‘The Orville,’ [it] was just a massive undertaking of post-production. The show was just now airing, and I feel like we finished shooting a long time ago.”

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Nevertheless, fans of the Ted films can take heart from the fact that the series would start production soon. The premise of the series seems quite promising and a lot rests on the shoulders of Max Burkholder who plays the main role in the show. What do you think of the Ted prequel series? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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