“Seth needs to come back”: Invincible Season 2 Showrunner Hints Seth Rogen Will Return After Episode 3 Left Fans Traumatized

Fans were worried that this episode might be the last time they see the character alive

“Seth needs to come back”: Invincible Season 2 Showrunner Hints Seth Rogen Will Return After Episode 3 Left Fans Traumatized


  • The Invincible television series has been causing concern among fans since the third episode of the second season.
  • Seth Rogen's character, Allen the Alien, was attacked and tortured by a group of Viltrum warriors in the episode.
  • Thaedus, the Coalition of Planets' de facto leader who betrayed Allen, will still remain a major character in the series.
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Warning: Major Spoilers For Invincible Season 2 Ahead!


The Invincible television series had been wreaking havoc among fans from all around the globe with the first season of the show, and the sequel season further added sparks to that already ignited fire. But then came the third episode of the second (currently ongoing) season, and fans have been traumatized ever since for one major character: Seth Rogen’s Allen the Alien.


Not only did this most recent episode of the Invincible series plunder the fan-favorite character into deep danger (more on this later), but fans were also worried about this episode being the last time they see the character. However, the show’s co-runner Simon Racioppa’s recent comment on the situation and Seth Rogen’s character clearly hinted otherwise.


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Invincible‘s Co-Showrunner Hints At Seth Rogan’s Return To The Series

A still from Invincible Season 2 Episode 3
A still from Invincible Season 2 Episode 3

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Up until the second episode of season 2 of Invincible, everything was seemingly fine. But then descended the third episode, which left non-comic book reader fans traumatized and worried about their favorite character Allen the Alien, after watching the gruesome way he was treated.


However, the show’s co-runner Simon Racioppa’s recent comment about the character seems to be hinting at his return to the series. While speaking with TechRadar, the showrunner is reported to have said:

“We’re not quite done with Allen or Seth Rogen [Allen’s voice actor] yet,” he said. “Seth needs to come back and do some more scenes for us so, yes, there’ll definitely be more Allen. Everyone loves him and I love writing for Allen.”

While this seemingly confirms the good news for the fans who aren’t familiar with the comics that Seth Rogen‘s character will undoubtedly make a glorious comeback, fans wouldn’t be too pleased to know that Thaedus, the altruistic Coalition of Planets’ de facto leader who leads the fight against the Viltrum Empire and who decided to betray Allen, would remain a major character in the series.

“Thaedus is still a major character that you’re going to see again this season and moving forward through the series,” Racioppa explained. “But his turn is not so much an adjustment from the comics. It’s just a slight tweak; a little narrative bump we added in to make some scenes more interesting and end the episode with a bit of a question mark.”

Turns out there will be a lot of major character developments soon to be seen in the Invincible series–something that will be especially confusing yet exciting at the same time for the non-comic book reader fans.


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What Happened In Invincible Season 2 Episode 3?

Seth Rogen's Allen the Alien in episode 3 of season 2 of Invincible
Seth Rogen’s Allen the Alien in episode 3 of season 2 of Invincible

The most recent episode, i.e. episode 3 of season 2 of Invincible, titled ‘This Missive, This Machination!’ saw Seth Rogen’s Allen the Alien returning to the Coalition of Planets’ headquarters to share with them the good news that they finally have a Viltrumite on their side.

However, midway through the episode that was split into two main storylines, Allen was attacked by a group of Viltrum warriors, who tortured and seemingly murdered him when he didn’t share the details of the whereabouts of Mark Grayson (the titular character).


But it didn’t end there: Allen the Alien’s body was rescued from the vacuum of space. The gruesome wounds on his mutilated body were then tended to before he was put in a coma with the slimmest chances of a full recovery.

Because of the critically injured condition that he was in, non-comic reader fans feared that that might be the last that they see of their favorite character. However, then came Simon Racioppa’s consolation comment to the fans that clearly hinted at the return of Allen.

But, considering the state he is in, the question is: How? Seems like fans will have to wait until the next episodes in the Prime Video series Invincible to find out the truth.


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