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13 Seth Rogen’s Interview Moments That Prove He’s Cooler Than You Think

13 Seth Rogens Interview Moments That Prove Hes Cooler Than You Think

Seth Rogen’s Interview Moments are always so fun to watch. Seth is one of the most popular comedic actors of the 21st century. But there is much more to know about this brilliant actor. Seth is a comedian, actor, producer, writer and filmmaker. In short, a total multitasker. He has written and starred in so many films that have been total blockbuster hits. Seth is one of those actors who is hard not to adore, and especially in interviews, he proves that. Below is the list of Seth Rogen’s interview moments which we all love and proves that he’s our absolute favorite.

1. When He Described His Experience While Shooting With A Tiger.

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2. Seth Is The Happiest When He Is On The Couch, And I Think We’ll All Agree With Him.


3. Seth Described His Feelings When He Saw Beyoncé Walking On The Stage At ‘The Lion King’ Movie Premier.

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4. When Seth Spoke About Working With Zac Efron In The Movie ‘Neighbors’

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5. Seth Discussed The Time When Kanye Rapped An Entire Album For His Wife And Him.

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6. It Looks Like Seth Enjoys Being High On Sets While Acting, And There’s A 100% Chance That He Was High While Acting In Most Of His Movies.

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7. When Seth’s Young Nephews Joined Him For The Very First Time On The Sets Of One Of His Movies, ‘The Lion King’.

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8. When Seth Started Smoking In Front Of Steven Spielberg At An Oscar Party. It Looks Like He’s A Bit Embarrassed.

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9. In An Interview, Seth Disclosed That American Bacon Is Superior To Canadian Bacon.

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10. Seth Rogen Had A Hilarious Answer To The Interviewer’s Question About His Wellness Routine. Seth Doesn’t Follow Any Wellness Routine But Still Manages To Look Like This!!

11. According To Seth, Jonah Hill Is The Most Difficult Actor To Work With. But It Looks Like He Doesn’t Have An Answer To Why Jonah Hill Is So Difficult To Work With.

12. Seth Has A Proper Explanation To This Question; When The Interviewer Asked Why Only A Few Actors Have Beards!?

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13. Another Quality Of Seth Which Makes Him Our Favorite, Is His Acceptance Towards His Acting Skills. Seth Accepts That How He Knows That He Is Not A Great Actor.

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