Shadow of the Erdtree May Reveal Elden Ring’s Third Great Tree after the Erdtree and the Haligtree – And its Grotesque Origin Story

With the Erdtree now burned down, fan theory suggests we might get to see birth of another tree in 'Elden Ring'.

Shadow of the Erdtree May Reveal Elden Ring's Third Great Tree after the Erdtree and the Haligtree - And its Grotesque Origin Story


  • Hundreds of thousands of fans around the world are eagerly waiting for Shadow of the Erdtree DLC to finally release.
  • Fan theory suggests we mightget to witness the birth of another tree in the coming DLC.
  • We can possibly get to fight Godwyn the Golden as well as a fight against Miquella and Malenia as a team.
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The desperation to finally play Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is growing every day, and with no confirmed release date in sight, the wait seems to be never-ending. This prompts many of the fans to come up with theories predicting the events of the upcoming DLC, with many of them being just breathtaking.

One such fan theory states how we might get to witness another tree rather than the Erdtree or the Haligtree. The theory speculates how the events of Elden Ring result in another tree sprouting from the husk of what used to be the Erdtree, bringing with itself the fulfillment of Miquella’s goal.

erdtree shining brightly
Erdtree | Elden Ring

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will supposedly revolve around the character of Miquella, the empyrean twin brother of Malenia. He is shown to be confined within a cocoon right now, but the key art of the upcoming DLC suggests we might get to see his return soon.

Will The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Feature A New Tree In The Game?

Diving deeper into the speculation, it is predicted that the Erdtree will be taken over by Godwyn’s deathblight now that it is burned down. This will result in the sprouting of another tree to rise from the husk of what used to be Erdtree, allowing Miquella to finally fulfill his purpose.

It has been known that Miquella created the Haligtree, free from the authority of the Greater Will, to have an order that accepts all beings equally, being a tree of life and death. He also hoped that the Haligtree would help cure his own and Malenia’s curse that the twins have been afflicted with since birth.

Miquella Elden Ring
Miquella in Elden Ring

Fans are guessing the events of Elden Ring were all orchestrated by none other than Miquella. And with Godwyn’s deathblight now allowing for another great tree to rise, he can finally fulfill his aim of finding a cure for himself and his sister.

What Bosses Could We Possibly Face In The Upcoming Elden Ring DLC?

Considering there is a high possibility of Godwyn the Golden finally returning and making an appearance, we might get a boss fight against the prince of death. The fight might be divided into two phases, with the first being of prime Godwyn, and the second being him afflicted with deathblight and using the same to its full extent.

We could also possibly see a boss fight against Miquella that is divided into multiple phases, which will not be surprising as 3 phase fights have been observed before in the previous FromSoftware Dark Soul series DLCs.

Godwyn the Golden
Godwyn the Golden

Miquella’s boss fight could even be a duo boss fight, with him being teamed up with Malenia, who is predicted to have been cured of the Scarlet Rot assuming her twin brother succeeded in his plans.

Elden Ring is available to purchase on Steam.

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