Shakira Follows Henry Cavill on Instagram After Split With Gerard Pique Kindling Rumors of Potential Love Affair


Fans always have a rough time when their favorite stars split up. Colombian singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Pique are the most recent to make news of their breakup after 12 years of marriage. According to a top entertainment blog, the singer’s PR company produced a public announcement stating that they were indeed separating. Now,  Shakira has started following Chris Evans and Henry Cavill on Instagram since their breakup. Here are some specifics:

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Shakira and Gerard Pique’s love story:

Shakira and Gerard Pique splitting up.
Shakira and Gerard Pique, splitting up.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met briefly on the shoot of Shakira’s music video for “Waka Waka” in 2010. She had sung the official 2010 FIFA World Cup song, and Gerard had starred in the clip and led his side to victory in that year’s tournament. “I wasn’t a soccer fan, so I didn’t know who he was,” Shakira recalled later during an interview. “When I saw the video, I was like, ‘Hmm, that one’s kind of cute.’ And then someone decided to introduce us”.


“It all started when we were together in South Africa and I wrote to her,” Piqué told TV3 in 2016. “She was already there because she sang in the opening ceremony, and I asked her what the weather was like. It’s the typical stupid question, and the normal answer is to tell me to bring a jacket,” he explained. “But she started telling me what the weather was, like, every minute, and it got to the point where I told her we (Spain) would have to get to the World Cup final to see her again, she was singing at the final”.

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Why did Shakira and Pique split up?

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique with their sons, Milan and Sasha.

Shakira confirmed her separation on Saturday after rumors of the Barcelona star’s infidelity surfaced earlier this week. The Colombian singer, however, made no comment on the cause of the controversy and instead requested seclusion for her children. Despite this, football fans have been wailing on Pique for allegedly cheating on the mother of his two children on Twitter. Given Shakira’s fame and beauty, many feel the Spaniard made a mistake by ending their marriage. One fan wrote: “Pique is insane for cheating on Shakira like how stupid do you have to be to cheat on her”. Another tweeted: “Imagine having Shakira as your girlfriend and then cheating on someone else. Gerard Pique you absolute moron”. And a third said: “Pique is out of his mind cheating on Shakira”.

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Shakira follows Henry Cavill and Chris Evans on Instagram:

Shakira and Gerard Pique splitting up.
Henry Cavill and Chris Evans.

It’s no surprise that Shakira, the singing sensation, has a passionate following among both, fans and celebrities. However, Henry Cavill, one of the greatest actors, has been said to have a crush on her in the past. He gushed over her in a viral red carpet video, and now Shakira has following him on Instagram. Yes,  Cavill is presently dating Natalie Viscuso, an entertainment professional, but they are not married. Superman, on the other hand, has a new adversary in the form of none other than Captain America himself. That’s true, along with Mr. Cavill, Shakira has also started following him. Now, the internet is going bananas over this interaction and looking for potential suitors for Shakira. We’ll just have to wait and see where all of this goes!

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