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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: First Look Images Revealed

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings trailer have finally arrived! The leading man, Simu Liu stars as the Shang-Chi the son of a wretched Chinese mastermind, Fu Manchu. Fu brainwashes his son turning Chi into a killing machine that is meant to eradicate evil. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for Chi as he finds out after an assassination mission that his blind loyalty to his father to supposedly “eradicate evil” was all nonsense. Simply put, pure manipulation. After finding out the truth Chi has made his father his sworn enemy. Using his wits and deadly martial arts skills Chi vows to topple his father’s ghastly criminal empire, and that includes anybody else that stands in his way.

Legend of the Ten Rings appears to be an exciting love letter to the 70s-80s kungfu and Bruce Lee films. With the twist of an engaging family drama that Marvel fans haven’t gotten a taste of until September 3, 2021. Which will add new fans to a genre that they may not be so familiar with. With many fans of the MCU being accustom to heroes littered with wild tech and superpowers. Chi is all hands and feet that break bones. Marvel and comic book fans are in for a treat to see a classic martial film coming out of the MCU. Not only was the trailer released there are more inside looks with released images from Entertainment of Simu Liu suited up as the “Master of Kung-Fu” and more!

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This is an exciting time for Marvel in their upcoming movies. Especially, for Eastern Asian fans of the cinematic universe, and maybe audiences will see more Asian actors/characters. We are already getting the always hilarious comedian-actor Kumail Nanjiani in the highly awaited Eternals. Let us cross our fingers we’ll see Grid aka Dinesh Deol on the big screen as the powerful new inhuman.

Written by Barry Buzzkill

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