She-Hulk Writer Jessica Gao Reveals She Pitched a ‘High School Reunion’ Themed Black Widow Movie, Marvel Rejected it at Lightspeed

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Jessica Gao recently opened up about her experience of impressing Marvel bosses with her pitch for Black Widow and getting rejected later. In a recent interview, she revealed some important details about her pitch for the MCU film.

Jessica Gao reveals how Marvel rejected her pitch for Black Widow
Jessica Gao reveals how Marvel rejected her pitch for Black Widow

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Gao shared that in the past she was more interested in She-Hulk, but she also had an idea for what to do with Black Widow’s solo movie. Unfortunately for her, our Marvel bosses weren’t a big fan of the idea and turned down the pitch.


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Jessica Gao’s Rejected ‘Black Widow’ Script Was Focused on a High School Reunion

Jessica Gao's Black Widow idea was High School reunion themed
Jessica Gao’s Black Widow idea was High School reunion themed

It’s still unclear when she pitched her idea for the film. Kevin Feige allegedly planned the idea of the Black Widow movie as early as 2016, years after fans first showed their excitement for the idea but it didn’t land until 2021. After it did, it was during the pandemic phase and it got a day-and-date streaming release and a lawsuit from its star to go with it. It was also a serious-toned movie as compared to the light-hearted playful tone of the She-Hulk.

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She shared the whole thing in an interview and talked about her original pitch for a Black Widow movie:

“It was basically a ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’ story for Black Widow… basically you find out that in high school, as a teenage spy/Russian agent, she was planted at an American high school, because she had to assassinate someone’s dad and then 20 years later, she goes back to the high school reunion and has to deal with the fallout of this fake identity where she betrayed all these people in high school.”

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Why Marvel Rejected Jessica Gao’s ‘Black Widow’ Idea?

Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson
Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson

Well, the whole plan would’ve gone well exploring the journey of this character being a spy, most fans were supporting the idea after knowing the back story and was happy to have such a small-scale movie for Black Widow. Marvel thought Black Widow can do much more and had the potential of doing more than spending a movie at a High School reunion. However, some fans are thankful that Jessica Gao didn’t write the Black Widow project after knowing her idea about the movie. The movie which was released on 2021 wasn’t going very well and fans felt a little off and expected that the character should’ve featured in her solo movie before dying in Avengers: Endgame 2019.


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Episode 2 for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will release next Thursday, August 25 on Disney+.



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