“She put herself in front of Barrymore”: Reneé Rapp Branded a Hero For Putting Her Life at Risk to Save Drew Barrymore From a Stalker After a Creepy Confrontation

"She put herself in front of Barrymore": Reneé Rapp Branded a Hero For Putting Her Life at Risk to Save Drew Barrymore From a Stalker After a Creepy Confrontation
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Drew Barrymore witnessed her stalker moment when a man barged in from the crowd, claiming to know her. In a now-viral video, the stalker, identified as Chad Michael Bristo, tried to get onto the stage to meet Barrymore. The 50 First Dates actress was attending an event at 92nd Street Y in Manhattan when the incident took place.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore

This news is the latest in the line of celebrity stalking incidents, and interestingly, the stalker had previously stalked Amber Heard. However, netizens are now celebrating the heroic gesture of the event host, singer Reneé Rapp.

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Reneé Rapp Became Drew Barrymore’s Hero After Saving Her

Drew Barrymore and Reneé Rapp hugging at the event where the stalker incident happened
Drew Barrymore and Reneé Rapp at the event

As the stalker approached Drew Barrymore, he yelled that he wanted to see her while she was in New York. The Blended actress was taken aback, nervously babbling, “Oh my god. Yes. Hi.” As her bodyguards tried to round up the man, Reneé Rapp who was hosting the event stood up from her seat and put herself between the man and Barrymore.

Rapp then put her arm around the Charlie’s Angels actress and escorted her off the stage. The stalker was removed from the event and later arrested. Once the situation was resolved, both actresses returned to the stage. However, the Sex Lives of College Girls actress became Drew Barrymore’s new hero. Barrymore told Rapp:

“Well, I have a new definition of your s*xiness, it’s that level of protectiveness. That went full ‘Bodyguard.’”

The Whip It actress then went on to hug Rapp and said that she was her Kevin Costner. This was in reference to the 1992 movie The Bodyguard, where Costner played the bodyguard to Whitney Houston’s character.


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Netizens Were Impressed By Reneé Rapp Protecting Drew Barrymore

Reneé Rapp
Reneé Rapp

As the video of the incident circulated through various news outlets, netizens shared their thoughts on the creepy incident. Love and support started pouring in for both Drew Barrymore and Reneé Rapp. Rapp was hailed as a hero for putting her life at risk to protect Barrymore. One fan commented:

“Smart Rapp, she knew something was off and put herself in front of Barrymore while getting her off stage. Never can be too careful, trust your instincts.”

Netizens were also well aware of the potential dangers in such encounters, with some citing examples of Christina Grimmie’s tragic death. Another comment noted:


“In a second he could’ve jumped on stage and stabbed them both. At least the security guard was in front quickly, as was a theater guard, but Rapp wasn’t wrong to stand up and walk away.”

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The stalker in this incident, Busto, has a criminal record and therefore, the possibility of such violent acts could not be disregarded. Fans of Barrymore are relieved that the Lucky You actress is safe and sound.

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