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“She wants to preach what a character should be”: Wonder Woman 3 Going Forward Without Patty Jenkins Gets Fan Support After Abysmal ‘1984’ Iteration That Made Gal Gadot’s Character a Se*ual Predator

Wonder Woman 3 Going Forward Without Patty Jenkins

When the question arises of which superhero universe has the most successful solo female superhero film, even Marvel Studios fans have to agree that it’s none other than Wonder Woman. DC’s best-known female superhero also just happens to be the one who has one of the most commercially and critically successful solo outings with a female lead in the superhero universe, and with all credits due, most think that this will probably remain the case for a long time.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Continuing from the last statement, it was disappointing when fans got to witness the sequel to the film 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984, where fans were dumbfounded to see Diana Prince going hog wild, straight up taking over a man’s body to reanimate her lover Steve Trevor in the film. This was something that didn’t sit right with the fans, who demanded that director Patty Jenkins make amends with her next film. Though it seems like that statement might have gone a little extreme.

Patty Jenkins Is No Longer A Part Of Wonder Woman 3!

Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman 1984 set
Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman 1984 set

Previously, Wonder Woman was all about the prestige and pride of being an Amazonian warrior who fights for justice by keeping her wits close to her, unrelenting, and not diverting from the path of a warrior. But Wonder Woman 1984 turned the superhero into a girl who might’ve actually killed a man to fulfill her own selfish desires. this shift from portraying a fighter who has learned about sacrifice and virtue being reduced to just an ordinary girl was kind of uncomfortable for a lot of people.

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Many called this portrayal of the female superhero borderline demeaning and untasteful, almost making her look like a se*ual predator. This outrage meant that Patty Jenkins had to reconcile her decisions with the character and come up with something new that could provide damage control. But Patty Jenkins was not one to take any advice from anyone and decided to continue without any renovations. This led to a lot of beefing with the management, until recently, when she decided to leave the production of Wonder Woman 3.

Take note that this was first thought to be the work of new CEOs of DC Films James Gunn and Peter Safran, who were thought to have been scraping the whole project from the board. But it seems like those two didn’t even have a proper say in it. This news spread like a wildfire, and fans are mostly happy with the news.

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What To Expect From Wonder Woman 3?

Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman
Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

After Gal Gadot’s amazing performance in the first Wonder Woman film, people were not expecting the sequel to be such a controversial minefield. But after the news of Patty Jenkins’ departure, fans are filled with new hope for Gal Gadot and her on-screen Amazonian counterpart. With the project temporarily put on hold by Warner Bros. fans have to wait a little longer for further updates on the future of Wonder Woman.

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Wonder Woman 1984, now available on Netflix

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