“She’s bigger than Coachella”: Shakira Reportedly Rejected by Coachella to Headline Over Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, and The Creator

Shakira, rejected as Coachella 2024 headliner, sparks fan disappointment; a claim arises that she's bigger than the festival.

“She’s bigger than Coachella”: Shakira Reportedly Rejected by Coachella to Headline Over Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, and The Creator


  • Coachella 2024 reportedly rejected Shakira's bid for a headline spot, surprising and leaving fans curious.
  • Hits Daily Double's speculative report suggests Shakira's team pushed for Coachella 2024, but the festival allegedly declined for unspecified reasons.
  • Fans are disappointed as rumors circulate about Shakira skipping Coachella 2024; social media erupts with discontent and comparisons.
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In a twist of fate, Shakira, the globally acclaimed Colombian songstress, seems to have missed the spotlight at Coachella 2024. Renowned for its stellar lineups, the music festival has opted for headlining acts by Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, and Tyler, The Creator. This surprising choice has sparked fervent speculation and lively debates among fans.

Shakira in 'Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53'
Shakira in ‘Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53

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Coachella 2024 Reportedly Rejected Shakira’s Bid For A Headline Spot

In a surprising move, Coachella 2024 has said no to Shakira headlining, leaving fans both shocked and curious. The globally acclaimed songwriter, known for her energetic performances, didn’t cut it.


While we eagerly await the official Coachella 2024 lineup, recent rumors suggest that the 46-year-old won’t be gracing the stage as a headliner this time around. Looking back to 2022, Shakira was on the list of artists fans hoped to see at Coachella.

Clandestino video set of Shakira

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Fast forward to 2023, when the singer turned her heartbreak into global hits like BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53, and TQG. The MTV Video Music Awards crowned her with the Video Vanguard Award, marking a monumental year for the Colombian pop icon.


However, despite the anticipation, it seems she won’t be headlining Coachella in 2024 if rumors are to be believed. Hits Daily Double released a speculative report on Coachella’s 2024 headliners, claiming that the Waka Waka vocalist team was pushing for her to headline this year.

The festival, however, reportedly turned down the offer for unspecified reasons. While this remains speculative until the official lineup drops, Shakira’s fans have already expressed their disappointment on social media.

This unexpected development injects an element of mystery into the upcoming festival, prompting questions about the criteria guiding the organizers’ decisions.


As excitement grows for Coachella 2024, Shakira’s absence from the headline roster only deepens the intrigue surrounding the musical lineup. Yet, the fan base, not thrilled with the speculation, has taken to social platforms to voice their discontent.

Rumors Of Shakira Not Being At Coachella 2024 Upset Her Fans

Shakira | Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr
Shakira | Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr

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Everybody knows Shakira, the Colombian musician. She rocked both Spanish and English music scenes and became one of the biggest Latin American recording artists by the early 2000s.


Now, the buzz about her possibly skipping Coachella 2024 has bummed out her loyal fanbase. Just the hint of rumors saying she might not show up at the famous festival has left fans who were psyched for her headline gig feeling pretty disappointed.

Even without the official lineup, these rumors have kicked off a wave of grumbling on social media. One fan went as far as saying, “She’s bigger than Coachella,” and others are chiming in, downgrading the whole Coachella scene.

Shakira, known for rocking the stage, missing out has become a big topic. With the festival closing in, fans are on edge, hoping these rumors are just rumors and that she will indeed steal the show at Coachella, calming their nerves.


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