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“She’s flattered”: Zendaya and Tom Holland Are Desperate to Find a British Boyfriend For Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega

"She's flattered": Zendaya and Tom Holland Are Desperate to Find a British Boyfriend For Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega is one of the rising stars of Hollywood who is especially making her name in the horror genre. She has been involved in many widely successful projects like the Scream franchise, X, Fallout, You, and recently Netflix’s Wednesday, she has quickly become a household name. Though it seems that the actress is finding it difficult to navigate her love life at the height of her success.

Jenna Ortega channeling her inner goth.
Jenna Ortega

Ortega has recently become good friends with Zendaya and her boyfriend, Tom Holland. So she has trusted the two to her help in her quest to find a partner for herself.

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Zendaya and Tom Holland Setting an Example for Jenna Ortega

Tom Holland and Zendaya first met on the set of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming where they become really close friends with each other. They showed undeniable chemistry and would constantly joke around and make fun of each other. Even though the fans really wanted the two to be together as a couple, they officially started dating in 2021.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

Their relationship was confirmed when the two were spotted kissing which was followed by them making silly faces at each other. They try to be private about their lives but sometimes it gets quite public due to their fame which gives us an inside look. They have been spotted vacationing many times and seem to be quite happy with each other. So it is not surprising that their relationship has set an example for many of what they want in theirs.

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Jenna Ortega Asked Tom Holland and Zendaya to Find her a Partner

A source recently suggested that Jenna Ortega has enlisted Zendaya who is taking the help of her boyfriend, Tom Holland to help the Wednesday actress find a match for herself in the stressful world of dating. It also appears that Zendaya is really trying to get Ortega what she and Holland have as she is explicitly looking for an English match for the actress.

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

“Zendaya and Tom are so happy together, and she wants to find Jenna that kind of love too,” The source mentioned “They also claimed that Zendaya is convinced Tom’s British background has made him thoughtful and polite.” They also added, “She’s got it in her head that Jenna needs to date a British guy,”.

The source also went on to say that Ortega is very thrilled that Zendaya is helping her out in this as she idolizes the Euphoria star and is excited about what she comes up with but she will not be holding her breath and will see what happens.

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