“She’s more supernatural than any others”: Kung Fu Panda 4 Promises to Have a Better Villain Than Ian McShane’s Tai Lung With Viola Davis in Cast

Viola Davis unleashes supernatural power, a pledge for a superior villain in Kung Fu Panda 4 beyond Tai Lung's legacy.

“She’s more supernatural than any others”: Kung Fu Panda 4 Promises to Have a Better Villain Than Ian McShane’s Tai Lung With Viola Davis in Cast


  • Kung Fu Panda 4 introduces Viola Davis as Chameleon, a female, supernatural villain with unique powers, adding complexity to the story.
  • The trailer teases Tai Lung's return, creating anticipation for the film's mysterious and captivating narrative twists.
  • Kung Fu Panda 4 delves into Tai Lung's mysterious return, unveiling plot intricacies and realm connections.
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Prepare for a cinematic spectacle like never before! Kung Fu Panda 4 is gearing up for a thrilling showdown. It raises the stakes with the formidable new villain, the Chameleon. This anticipated sequel aims to surpass the iconic performance of Ian McShane’s Tai Lung, injecting a heightened level of excitement.

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Po from Kung Fu Panda

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The buzz escalates with the exciting inclusion of Viola Davis in the cast. Signaling a stellar performance that promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Viola Davis Joins Kung Fu Panda 4 Featuring A Superior Villain

In a cinematic revelation, Viola Davis is poised to make a profound impact on the eagerly anticipated Kung Fu Panda 4. In which the prospect of an exceptional antagonist takes center stage.


A recently unveiled trailer for the film not only heralds the return of Jack Black’s iconic panda, Po but also introduces a fresh adversary: the sorceress Chameleon, impeccably voiced by Viola Davis.

Viola Davis
Viola Davis as Dr Volumnia Gaul

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This diminutive lizard boasts the remarkable ability to shapeshift into any creature. Chameleon’s pursuit of Po’s Staff of Wisdom becomes a pivotal plot point, as it grants her the power to re-summon all the master villains vanquished by Po to the spirit realm.

Director Mike Mitchell also sheds light on this new antagonist, emphasizing her uniqueness and supernatural prowess in an interview with Collider. He also expressed his excitement about the return of Tai Lung, enunciating,


“I just love Tai Lung and the fact that he’s back in this film makes me insane as a fan of Kung Fu Panda. But the thing that I love about this villain is one, she’s a female, Po’s never faced a female villain before, and two, she’s more supernatural than any other of the villains put together.”

Further, the director added,

“She’s got crazy powers. She’s also this big [gestures], she’s very small. We’ve never seen that before. Usually, it’s brawn and she’s a very brainy, thoughtful, tricky, calculating character.Then, voiced by Viola Davis, you don’t even think of her as small. She’s like the biggest, most powerful character of all time.”

The ensemble cast, featuring returning voices such as Dustin Hoffman, James Hong, Bryan Cranston, and Ian McShane as Tai Lung, amplifies the allure of this cinematic masterpiece. The 58-year-old’s prowess, coupled with the formidable antagonist, promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.


However, the trailer’s tantalizing glimpse of Tai Lung’s return also raises intriguing questions. Sparking anticipation about the enigmatic circumstances surrounding his reappearance in the narrative.

How Tai Lung Returns To Life Unveiled In Kung Fu Panda 4

Tai Lung
Tai Lung

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The enigma encircling Tai Lung’s resurrection takes center stage in the eagerly awaited Kung Fu Panda 4. The iconic villain’s return after 16 years unfolds as a pivotal plot point in the upcoming 2024 release.

Familiar faces, from Shifu to the Furious Five, reunite alongside the introduction of a new Dragon Warrior, promising a nostalgic and fresh dynamic. The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into Tai Lung’s return, hinting at a connection with the Chameleon and the elusive Staff of Wisdom.


The golden backdrop suggests a traverse through realms, evoking memories of the Spirit Realm from Kung Fu Panda 3. Notably, The Chameleon wields the Staff of Wisdom, an artifact tied to chi and an alternate world, further deepening the narrative complexity.

Tai Lung’s revival unveils the aftermath of the Wuxi fingerhold, elucidating the sequel’s groundwork laid by preceding films.


As the franchise unveils this long-anticipated revelation, Kung Fu Panda 4 blends exhilarating action with a rich narrative. It elevates the animated series to new heights.


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