Shōgun Season 2 is Possible and Cosmo Jarvis Just Revealed an Idea “Rife with potential”

The “narrative substance of the book has been used up”, according to series star Cosmo Jarvis, who weighed in. 

Shōgun Season 2 is Possible and Cosmo Jarvis Just Revealed an Idea “Rife with potential”


  • Shogun, a historical drama series, has sparked interest among fans after its first season.
  • Actor Cosmo Jarvis and the show’s producers have hinted at a potential second season, a possibility the former believes is “rife with potential.”
  • Although information on the potential second season is scarce, Jarvis’ comments could generate speculation among fans.
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Fans of the hit historical drama series Shōgun were left craving more after the highly anticipated first season left viewers with butterflies in their stomachs. With its riveting plot, complex characters, and stunning cinematography, it’s no wonder that viewers are eager for a second season. And now, thanks to star Cosmo Jarvis and the producers of the show, it appears that fans’ dreams may soon come true.


In a recent interview, Jarvis, 34, briefly discussed the possibility of a second season, revealing an idea that he believes is “rife with potential”. While information regarding the possible forthcoming season is still scarce, Jarvis’ comments would generate interest and speculation among fans.

A still from Shōgun (2024). Credit: FX
A still from Shōgun (2024). Credit: FX

James Clavell’s book of the same name served as the inspiration for the story of the FX series. Shōgun’s first two episodes premiered on Hulu and FX on February 27, 2024.


Is Season 2 of Shōgun Coming? Cosmo Jarvis & Producers Discussed the Future

In an interview with The Direct, the cast and crew of FX’s Shōgun series discussed the possibility of a second season. Showrunner and co-creator Justin Marks got right to the point where the show concluded, “exactly where the book ends”, adding:

“I think we tell the complete story of the book. And we get to the end. I hope those who have read the book will see it’s exactly where the book ends. And we’re really excited about that because it’s a very surprising ending that [James] Clavell does for the book. And it’s kind of beautifully ambiguous in certain senses..”

Cosmo Jarvis in Shōgun
Cosmo Jarvis in Shōgun

Whether the show starring Hiroyuki Sanada is renewed for a second season or not, co-creator and co-executive producer Rachel Kondo stated that she hopes Shōgun will “be a catalyst for audiences to encounter Japanese history in a new way”. She added:

“Because there’s a lot of it.”

Cosmo Jarvis (who played John Blackthorne) echoed Marks and Kondo’s assessment, saying that “the narrative substance of the book has been used up”. The actor remarked that “they are not related” to the events of Shōgun when co-star Anna Sawai brought up James Clavell’s other works.


Regarding the setting and period in general, both actors expressed confidence that, in Jarvis’ words, 

“There is a vast expanse of history, which is rife with dramatic potential,” if FX decided to expand its storytelling during that time.

With its multifaceted characters and complex storytelling, Shōgun has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. And now, with the prospect of a second season on the horizon, fans are looking forward to what’s to come next.

Shōgun: Part Two or An Additional James Clavell Adaptation?

Shōgun starring Hiroyuki Sandana

Taking into account how vast the idea is, the universe of James Clavell’s adaptation may ultimately end up expanding. It could introduce new characters and plot points. Even though the story material has run out, season 2 could still feature brand-new, original stories set in the same universe.


Co-executive producer Michael Clavell, on the other hand, responded to the question of whether Season 2 would happen in a far more upbeat manner, saying that it would depend on how interested viewers were in continuing after Season 1.

“You know, the audience will let us know whether there’s, there is their appetite for that. We shall see. It’s a great question. I wish I knew the complete answer, but I don’t.”

Regarding the first season fans are receiving, Clavell continued, praising the “incredible research” that was necessary to create Shōgun’s stunning realism:

“Well, Justin [Marks], from the very beginning, Justin and Rachel [Kondo] did incredible research, hired experts from all over the world, to give them the detail that was necessary to do justice to the history of the time.”

While nothing has been confirmed, comments from the cast and creators have given fans hope that Shōgun Season 2 could become a reality. Whether it is a continuation of the first season’s storyline or a completely new chapter, one thing is for sure: if Cosmo Jarvis’ idea is any indication, fans are in for a treat.


So keep your eyes peeled and your swords ready, because Shōgun Season 2 could be right around the corner. Two of its first episodes debuted on FX and Hulu on February 27, 2024. The 10-episode season finale will take place on April 23. New episodes will be released every week until then.


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