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“Should’ve been Chad Stahelski”: The Flash Director Reportedly Confirmed for ‘The Brave and the Bold’ – DC Fans Demand John Wick 4 Director for James Gunn’s Batman Movie

"Should've been Chad Stahelski": The Flash Director Reportedly Confirmed for 'The Brave and the Bold' - DC Fans Demand John Wick 4 Director for James Gunn's Batman Movie

James Gunn’s DCU has had fans intrigued since the filmmaker announced the initial projects from the first chapter, Gods & Monsters. One of the projects also includes The Brave and the Bold, which will follow the adventures of Batman and Robin. The co-CEO of DC Studios has said that the film would mark the beginning of the Batman family in the DCU. While Gunn is set to direct the Superman project under the new DC Universe, many names have been suggested to bring the Batman project on-screen.

The Brave and the Bold
The Brave and the Bold

However, nothing has been confirmed so far. And The Flash director Andy Muschietti has also recently joined the conversation to take the director seat for The Brave and the Bold. 

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Andy Muschietti is in Talks to Direct The Brave and the Bold

Andy Muschietti has gained popularity over the years for his work on horror thrillers like It and Mama. His recent projects include the upcoming DC film, The Flash, which is set to release later this month. The Ezra Miller starrer has been garnering great response ahead of its release, and it appears as if the filmmaker has left quite an impression on the studio.

The Flash (2023)
The Flash (2023)

Recent reports have suggested that Muschietti is in talks to direct the Batman movie under James Gunn’s DCU called The Brave and the Bold. Earlier, the Batman actor Ben Affleck was rumored to take the director seat for the film, but he later denied the claims in an interview.

Although neither the studio nor the filmmaker has confirmed anything yet, sources have claimed that the rumors regarding the Argentine filmmaker directing the Batman film are true. If the claims are true, the Batman film would be the third project to finalize a director.

Andy Muschietti at CinemaCon
Andy Muschietti at CinemaCon

The other two projects include Superman: Legacy and Swamp Thing, which are being developed by James Gunn and James Mangold, respectively. The Brave and the Bold will follow the story of Batman and his son Damian Wayne, aka Robin.

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Fans Believe Andy Muschietti is Not Good For a Batman Film

As reports suggest that Andy Muschietti is tapped for the Batman project under James Gunn’s DCU, fans shared their reaction to the news on Twitter. And not everyone is excited to see The Flash director’s take on the Batman film. Fans shared that Muschietti is not a good choice to work on a Batman project.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series
Batman: The Brave and The Bold animated series

Others also suggested other filmmakers that would be better than the It director to work on the film. One user said that Sam Raimi had expressed his desire to work on The Brave and the Bold and would be better than Muschietti to work on the project.

While some named the John Wick director Chad Stahelski as a better option for the role, others said that Muschietti’s potential to work on the Batman film would be determined by The Flash’s performance. Many were also excited about the news and said that they could not wait to see his take on the Batman film.

The Flash is set to release on June 16, 2023.

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