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“Sign us up”: After Superman and The Witcher Humiliation, Henry Cavill Teams Up With Marvel Star Jake Gyllenhaal for New Guy Ritchie Action Thriller

"Sign us up": After Superman and The Witcher Humiliation, Henry Cavill Teams Up With Marvel Star Jake Gyllenhaal for New Guy Ritchie Action Thriller

Henry Cavill is not one to take a pause if his career sees a big loss. After stepping away from the DC Universe and Netflix’s The Witcher series, he announced his passion project to be in the works with Amazon Prime Video. With Warhammer 40000 coming out, the actor seemed already busy. Side by side he had been working with Guy Ritchie on The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare which would see the actor in the World War II era.

Happy Birthday Henry Cavill
Happy Birthday Henry Cavill

With an industry that is currently chaos ridden, it seems that Cavill’s schedule is only getting busier and busier. The back-to-back scandals, internal feuds, and now a writers’ strike are all piling up into making the Hollywood industry a place with eggshells waiting to be broken.

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Henry Cavill Will Be In A New Movie Alongside Jake Gyllenhaal

Guy Ritchie’s latest project was recently announced in the Cannes market and it has already gotten the fans excited. The movie is set to be the next big-budget project to hype up everyone’s anticipation. It is set to star Henry Cavill, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Eiza González, building up an entirely new level of excitement for the fans.

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Jake Gyllenhaal

“There’s something special that happens when you collaborate with the same partners regularly: you build a shorthand and a trust that lets everybody do their best work. Jake, Henry and Eiza are all astonishingly talented, committed, and engaging actors. This is going to be an action-packed movie that is both intellectually stimulating and physically exhilarating.”

Ritchie likes to work with those actors who he is already familiar with, making them closer friends. All three actors fall in the category and he is looking forward to making an extremely big-budgeted film that will be next in line of the blockbuster charts. Black Bear International will be in charge of the finances of the movie, taking up its biggest project yet.

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Fans Excite Over Henry Cavill’s Upcoming Movie

Guy Ritchie at an event for Aladdin (2019).
Guy Ritchie

The premise of this untitled project will follow two extraction specialists, Cavill and Gyllenhaal, who are to help a high-level negotiator, González, escape. The premise has already hyped up a lot of fans who are willing to see Cavill rise more and more in the Hollywood industry.


They cannot wait to see just how he will do after there was a lot that happened to the actor. The cast is filled with talent and has actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Henry Cavill, and Eiza González who can easily make a movie gripping and worth the watch.

The release and the title of the movie are still unannounced.

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