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The Plot of Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Been Spoiled by the Australian Classifications Board

The longer the announcement takes, the more of this game's story continues to leak.

The Plot of Silent Hill: The Short Message Has Been Spoiled by the Australian Classifications Board


  • How does this Silent Hill game keep leaking?
  • What are the story and themes of Silent Hill: The Short Message?
  • Konami's plan for the future of the Silent Hill series.

The still unconfirmed Silent Hill: The Short Message begins to take shape and even spoilers for its plot in an unusual way. The Australian Classification Board ended up revealing important elements of the upcoming game’s narrative in its annual report that classifies the release as MA15+. The report goes too far in spoiling the surprise of eager players with essential details of the narrative, so the game will have to do without these surprises for those who have already read them. Furthermore, the MA15+ rating suggests that players may encounter content unsuitable for children under 15, so, adult and potentially disturbing themes, a hallmark of Silent Hill.

Australian Classification Board Spoils The Story Of Silent Hill: The Short Message

Silent Hill: The Short Message

Silent Hill: The Short Message stands out as the series’ project that has already been leaked but not yet officially revealed, and the longer they delay, the more plot details continue to leak and at this rate, there will be no surprises left. In addition to the Australian Report, the insider known as Dusk Golem has already published a series of messages on Discord and Reddit where he claims to have gained access to a version of the game developed in 2020.

According to them, the game’s protagonist focuses on a student known as Anita, who only has one friend in her high school class, known as Maya. The game (according to this leak) begins at the moment when the protagonist begins to exhibit some destructive behaviors, such as cutting herself. Soon after, Maya appears dead, but her social media accounts remain activated, being used by someone.

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The insider claims that the game’s narrative would involve an investigation into who this mysterious figure is who is responsible for maintaining publications in her friend’s name. Additionally, Anita would discover the cause of her only friend’s death, involving a visit to an abandoned apartment complex where she allegedly took her own life, but these would only be parts of the first few minutes of Silent Hill: The Short Message‘s gameplay.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

The story seems interesting because it dares to address heavy and at the same time important topics such as mental health and suicide among young people, as well as using cyber-bullying and various online threats such as the horror of this game, even if it is the cliché of the profile of the dead person still updating, this narrative line is very promising for a well-told story that addresses current problems, but if it takes too long, the themes may become dated.


Silent Hill: The Short Message has already been classified by responsible bodies in South Korea and Taiwan and has been described as a shorter experience in the franchise, probably a half-sequel format game as already happened with Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, possibly serving as a teaser of the central themes that will be explored more deeply in Silent Hill f, which has already been confirmed by Konami.

Silent Hill ƒ will be the ninth main game in the franchise developed by NeoBards Entertainment and published by the same Konami. Silent Hill ƒ is also not set in the titular city, but rather in rural areas of Japan during the 1960s. The project is also part of an initiative by Konami to revive the Silent Hill franchise using several third-party studios developing new games, having announced four new projects in the series in October 2022.

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