Similarity Between Nami and Monkey D. Dragon: Fan Theory About Emily Rudd’s One Piece Character Proves She is an Ancient Weapon

Theory Claims One Piece's Nami is One of The Three Ancient Weapons.

Similarity Between Nami and Monkey D. Dragon: Fan Theory About Emily Rudd's One Piece Character Proves She is an Ancient Weapon


  • The ancestry of Emily Rudd's character Nami from One Piece, the live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece, is a great mystery.
  • According to one theory regarding Nami, Nami is one of the three ancient weapons.
  • This idea holds that Rudd's character is one of the three ancient weapons from the Void century that has the power to either conquer or subjugate the entire world.
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One Piece live-action star Emily Rudd’s character Nami’s lineage is a big mystery in the world of Eiichiro Oda’s magnum opus. The only thing known about her is that along with Nojiko she was brought back to Cocoyasi Village by Bell-mère, who adopted the two kids and the three grew closer than any actual family. Later on, Nami developed a love for mapping and navigation.

Nami in One Piece
Nami in One Piece

However, her lineage is unknown and her real parents have been a big mystery for One Piece fans. She was found as an orphan in the Oyokot kingdom and as there is no evidence about the identity of her real parents, fans have developed many theories about her heritage and how she might be more relevant to the story than being the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.

One of the theories about Nami claims that Nami is an ancient weapon. According to this theory, Rudd’s character is one of the three ancient weapons that existed during the Void century and can be used to destroy or rule the world. This theory also brings out the similarity and connection between Nami and Dragon, Luffy’s father.


Theory Claims Nami is An Ancient Weapon And is Connected to Monkey D. Dragon

According to a previous theory by @Dontheories, Monkey D. Dragon was believed to be the ancient weapon Uranus. Uranus is the personification of the sky in Greek mythology and can control the weather, just like it was seen during Dragon’s appearance in the series.  

But now it is believed that Emily Rudd’s character is the actual ancient weapon Uranus. Nami fits the criteria explained by the Sea Kings in One Piece chapter 968, by being born in a distant sea. The whales were also happy to see her back in chapter 654. Not to mention that when she met Shirahoshi, she described her as specifically familiar. 

Nami's Character Design
Nami in One Piece

Also, seeing her able to control Zeus so easily hinted towards her being the ancient weapon because in Greek mythology the deity Zeus was thought to be related to Uranus. Not only is Nami related to Zeus, but she also has a supernatural connection with the weather, rumored to be Uranus’s power. She can understand it and use it to make her route in the sea.


Nami’s Connection with Weather Explained

Nami, the Straw Hat Pirates’ navigator, has a fighting style called the Art of Weather, which is centered on controlling the weather in her immediate environment. When paired with her profound understanding of weather patterns and oceanography, her method may be extremely effective. 

Nami – One Piece

At first, Nami merely depended on foreseeing the weather ahead of time and making use of it. However, she was later able to control the weather to her whim and utilize it as an attack against her enemies with the assistance of Usopp, who invented the Clima-Tact for her.

Furthermore, Zeus, who possessed the power to control the weather and was one of Big Mom’s greatest weapons, chose to stay with Nami as shown during the Wano arc, solidifying the argument even further. All these connections to the sky and the weather not only relate her to Dragon who was initially believed to be Uranus but now point towards her being the ancient weapon because of her unknown lineage.


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