Sinister Six Theory: Forgotten Homecoming Villain To Help No Way Home Villains With Stark Tech?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is just around the corner and pre-ticket sales are going haywire. The excitement for this feature is on a totally different level as the early estimates suggest that it could break Black Panther’s domestic opening record. The reason people are excited is that the previous two Spider-Men are going to team up with Holland’s variant. And on top of that, we are getting 5 past bad guys who will form the Fatal Five in the movie! But, things with Spider-Man have always been about the Sinister Six! So, you’ve got to believe that Marvel will not waste a solid opportunity to bring six villains together. That’s why I’ve got a Sinister Six theory suggesting that Marvel could bring a forgotten Homecoming villain back to aid the No Way Home villains with Stark Tech.

Possible Candidates

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Rumors suggest that we’ll only see these 5 villains taking on Spider-Man. Some fans believe that Venom could be that sixth surprising entry. After all, a conflict between him and Spidey was clearly set up by the Let There Be Carnage post-credits scene. But that setup could also have been for Venom 3. So, we should look at some other candidates. It is also believed that Mysterio could be the sixth one even without returning from the dead. That’s because he was the one who turned Peter Parker’s life into a living hell and set up the whole premise of No Way Home. But I’d like to think that the sixth villain will have an actual presence, and he’d have access to Stark Tech.

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Once again, No Way Home seems to be following the Spider-Man villains’ trend in the MCU. Tony has been directly or indirectly responsible for creating many bad guys. It’s known that he had a big hand in the origins of Adrian Toomes and Quentin Beck. But he seems to be indirectly involved with No Way Home’s villains as well. Doc Ock gives his metallic tentacles a Stark upgrade by absorbing the Nanotech off of Peter’s Iron Spider suit. But we still don’t know how Electro will get the arc reactor that empowers his abilities. It is also possible that Norman Osborn will make a few Stark Upgrades to his suit. That’s why we’ll see a wardrobe change for him as the movie goes on. But how do these two end up with Tony’s tech? Well, in comes the Tinkerer!!!

The Sinister Sixth is The Tinkerer

Sinister Six Theory

Many people seem to have forgotten this Spider-Man: Homecoming villain. But having seen MCU movies for so long, we all know Feige and co really like to maintain coherence and connectivity throughout the franchise. So, No Way Home could easily connect to Homecoming and bring the Tinkerer back into the mix. Spider-Man: Far From Home gave us no idea about what this companion of Toomes had been up to since Homecoming. So, it would be a nice surprise for people to see Phineas Mason, aka the Tinkerer’s return. And, it would also solve a big mystery about how the villains have been getting Tony’s tech.

Homecoming showed us that Mason used to create amazing weapons for Toomes out of the tech that they salvaged. And recently, Hawkeye showed us that after the Endgame battle, a lot of tech from the Avengers compound has been floating around, getting into the wrong hands. This could be a lead into the Armor Wars series. But it could also explain how The Tinkerer managed to get his hands on even more Stark tech while his old boss is locked up in prison.

Sinister Six Theory

It’s fair to say that Mason is a smart guy. So after getting new tech from the wreckage at the Avengers Compound, he could have reverse engineered a few things like the Arc Reactor. Then, he sold it to someone like Electro. Or perhaps, he could actually become the tech guy for Norman Osborn and his companions. I guess we’ll see about that as the movie hits the theatres.

Till then, you guys should tell us what you think about this theory in the comments section.

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Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.