Skull and Bones Touts ‘Immersive PS5 Features’ Ahead of Full Release

The new Ubisoft game could have a few surprises for PlayStation players.

skull and bones


  • Skull and Bones takes advantage of the DualSense capabilities.
  • The game will also have features regarding the Pulse headset from PlayStation.
  • The title has an open beta that concludes on February 12, where you can test the gameplay and mechanics.
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The long-overdue Skull and Bones title is finally coming out after more than six years since its initial announcement. The Ubisoft game has been considered somewhat of a spiritual successor to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, with a very good pirate ship battle system.


Ubisoft Singapore, a studio that has had some management troubles in the past, developed this title. Despite some hesitance, many are excited over the fact that Skull and Bones will have particular features in the PS5 version, and the DualSense technology will be used at full capacity.

Skull and Bones has great features for the PlayStation ecosystem

Skull and Bones have different ways to defend your ship from intruders
Skull and Bones will have different ways to defend your ship from intruders.

The long-delayed Skull and Bones title is finally out of development hell and will be out in the next few days.  The main mechanic behind Skull and Bones are pirate ship battles in either campaign mode or online PvP. With your crew, you can attack and board other boats, loot new equipment, and sink enemy vessels.


According to PlayStation’s Blog and Jussi Markkanen, the Technical Director of the game, the PS5 version will have some exciting features.

Naval combat is a key mechanic in the game, and with the DualSense you will be able to use the adaptive triggers to feel every unique shot of a harpoon or a bullet. The weapons will be more or less resistant to the triggers you use on the battlefield.

The haptic vibration will also adapt according to the weapon’s location in the ship, giving a more realistic sensation. Gamers will feel the intensity of the enemy’s attack on their ship, in the palm of their hands. 


Ubisoft’s highly anticipated title is a sea of creatures and tides

Skull and Bones DualSense features will take full advantage of the haptic vibration and the adaptive triggers
The Skull and Bones DualSense features will take full advantage of the haptic vibration and the adaptive triggers.

The 3D Audio of the PS5 Pulse headset will allow players to hear the attacks with precision and know where they are coming from. Floating loot can be heard with the 3D Audio, so you can loot fast after a confrontation.

There will also be pirate shanties to chant in the heat of battle, and more than 30 shanties will be available. A lot of things were carefully designed for the most immersive experience possible.

Ubisoft showcased a video where the haptic feedback of the DualSense makes the player feel the sea rocking their ship. This will also be present in battles with the different creatures that you encounter, like the notorious Kraken. The main sensations will be with the use of the many weapons of Skull and Bones, with the title running at 4K in 60 FPS.


This game comes after many years of delays and apparent problems with the studio, but now finally, Skull and Bones will launch officially on February 16 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

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