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‘So Grogu is a teenager now?’: The Mandalorian Director Jon Favreau Gets Trolled for Giving the Most Ridiculously Confusing Season 4 Timeline Explanation

'So Grogu is a teenager now?': The Mandalorian Director Jon Favreau Gets Trolled for Giving the Most Ridiculously Confusing Season 4 Timeline Explanation

While the new Star Wars trilogy might not have made the same impact on the fans as the prior trilogies did, the TV series side of the spectrum has a different tale to tell. With the release of The Mandalorian back in November 2019, Disney saw an unforeseen surge in viewership and critical reviews, all of which had nothing but praises to sing about the series. And now, it has become one of the most successful projects put out by Lucasfilm in recent history.

The Mandalorian
Disney+ The Mandalorian

And now, with the release of the third season of the superhit series, fans are already waiting for the next season of the show after binging through the latest. And the director of the series has given us hints of what we can expect from the next season in terms of the timeline in which the events will take place. But it seems like that statement might’ve raised more questions rather than answering them.

Jon Favreau Gives Confusing Hints About The Mandalorian Season 4

Jon Favreau
Jon Favreau

Popularly known for playing the role of Happy Hogan as well as directing the Iron Man films in the MCU, Jon Favreau has also been the creative mind behind bringing The Mandalorian to life along with his creative associates. And with the success that the show has seen in the past few years, the Spider-Man star has decided to let some information out about the upcoming season 4 of the show, which has somehow confused the audience even more.

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In a recent Tweet by a Twitter user, it seems like Favreau has revealed the timeline in which the events of The Mandalorian Season 4 are going to take place. The only issue with the given statement is that the events of the upcoming season seem to start in an abrupt manner and end in the background of The Last Jedi.

While it may seem like the director wanted to hype up the next season for the audience, it has seemed to have the opposite effect on the fans. Along with this, the Iron Man star also connected Grogu with Luke Skywalker with the time they spent together, which raises another set of questions.

While this statement might make little sense now, we can only hope that the creators do justice to the show by clearing out this confusion in the show.

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What To Expect From The Mandalorian Season 3?

A still from The Mandalorian Season 3
A still from The Mandalorian Season 3

With the third season now out, we are finally able to see the return of Grogu and his reunion with Din Djardin, who now travels the length of The Outer Rim to reach his home planet of Mandalore while also being cautious The New Republic, which has indulged themselves to clear their name from the dark history of the Star Wars galaxy. We also saw Grogu with a brief use of The Force in the new season, which gives us hope for the future.

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