Some WWE Fans Believe Dwayne Johnson Had a Secret Message For Roman Reigns During His Latest Promo on SmackDown

Fans noticed Dwayne Johnson's secret message for Roman Reigns during his recent Friday Night SmackDown promo.

Some WWE Fans Believe Dwayne Johnson Had a Secret Message For Roman Reigns During His Latest Promo on SmackDown


  • Dwayne Johnson WWE return has changed the very scenario of the company with development of different new storyline.
  • The Rock turned heal surprising fans and started his feud with Cody Rhodes.
  • However, in his recent promo at SmackDown, The Rock seems to have subtle and secret message for Roman Reigns.
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The return of The Rock has altered the scenario on WWE, and it’s a good thing for several reasons, primarily due to the allegations against Vince McMahon also allegedly involving Brock Lesnar. After claiming his chair in TKO Holdings, Dwayne Johnson has vowed to save the upcoming biggest WWE event, WrestleMania 40.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson. Image: WWE

Johnson returned to Friday Night SmackDown for a promo alongside his cousins in The Bloodline and with the Wise Man, Paul Heyman. In his promo segment, The Rock addressed Cody Rhodes as he started a feud against the fan-favorite babyface, but there was a secret hidden message to his cousin, Roman Reigns. Fans have decoded the subtle symbolism from The Rock.

Dwayne Johnson Had a Secret Message For Roman Reigns

Dwayne Johnson and The Bloodline with the Wise Man
Dwayne Johnson and The Bloodline with the Wise Man. Image: WWE

Dwayne Johnson is here, and it seems he’s here to stay for a while. His return and the new feud with Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes have elevated the excitement, but it seems The Rock has more to offer. Currently, the ten-time WWE World Champion is the biggest deal in the company, and he sure will utilize that.


Johnson appeared in the recent Friday Night SmackDown and addressed the audience and Rhodes. At least that’s what seems to be on the surface. However, fans have caught a few subtle messages in his promo. “You don’t understand that because,” he addressed the audience in the arena. With a pause and swiftly shifting his eyes to his cousin Roman Reigns, he continued, “You don’t understand that because you’re spoiled, entitled little crybaby b*tches.”

Then he addressed Rhodes, “Cody Rhodes, make one thing perfectly clear, The Rock is going to do everything in his power” again pointing his finger towards Reigns. He continued, “to make sure that you walk out of Wrestlemania what you are, which is a loser.” Again later, he said that Cody’s story was ending while calling out the Universal Champion, saying, “Our story is just beginning.” So, what this subtle message could mean? Probably, The Rock still has his sight locked on the Universal title, and WrestleMania 40 could break Reigns’ long streak in a surprising turn of events.

Subtle Eyes Of Fans Caught Secret Message Of Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson with his Bloodline cousins
Dwayne Johnson with his Bloodline cousins. Image: WWE

Fans can say with almost certainty that Johnson is here to change the very scenario, and he is heading towards the Universal title. Of course, he had to give up his forceful shot at the title match, but fans heavily booed the Superstar for snatching Rhodes’ opportunity. But it doesn’t mean he is out of move. Fans could definitely smell what The Rock is cooking during his promo at the Blue Brand.




The Rock may lie, cheat, and bribe adhering to the classic trait of a WWE heal, but this time with more aggression. His face is best for business, and while babyface was booed for certain mistakes, he previously stated that he’d rather be booed in his heal. Brace yourself, WrestleMania 40 could go wild. The WWE mega event starts on 6 April 2024.


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