“Someone at Marvel went back in time”: Wolverine x Gambit’s Iconic X-Men ‘97 Scene Has Fans Recreating Their Favorite Childhood Memories

An Iconic Scene from the X-Men '97 Series Trailer Has Fans Revisiting Their Childhood Memories

“Someone at Marvel went back in time”: Wolverine x Gambit’s Iconic X-Men ‘97 Scene Has Fans Recreating Their Favorite Childhood Memories


  • Disney+ has dropped the trailer of the animated X-Men '97 series.
  • An iconic scene featuring Wolverine and Gambit from the trailer has led to the fans revisiting their childhood memories.
  • Everything known about the revival of the popular animated series so far.
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In 1992, an animated series called X-Men: The Animated Series debuted in the US. This was Marvel Comics’ second attempt at an animated X-Men series after the pilot series X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men was not revived for a second season. Unlike the latter, X-Men: The Animated Series gained critical acclaim, and had very high ratings for a Saturday morning cartoon series. The show reached a total of 23 million households.


The finale of the series, which was aired in 1997, saw the death of Professor Charles Xavier. This put the future of the X-Men into his students’ hands. At the time, Jean Grey had said fate lay in their hands. As fate would have it, the iconic Saturday morning cartoon series featuring its classic animation style is returning in a new show for 2024, and fans are hit by nostalgia as some relive their childhood memories through the trailer itself.

X-Men '97 expected to make a major change from X-Men: The Animated Series
A scene from Marvel Comics’ X-Men: The Animated Series

Marvel’s X-Men ’97 Brings Back Nostalgia for its Fans from Back in the Day

Bringing back X-Men ’97 is a smart move on the part of Disney+ since the new series not only appeals to the newer generation of X-Men fans but also the fans from the ’90s who never got the show’s revival while they were still kids.

Wolverine and Gambit charging into battle in Marvel's X-Men '97
Wolverine and Gambit charging into battle in X-Men ’97 trailer

The trailer for the show dropped on February 15, 2024, but it has all the glitz and glamour of a classic ’90s animated show. This led to the ’90s fans reminiscing their good old days when they used to watch the series and play the X-Men in the playground.

An X user posted a shot of the trailer (via Marvel Entertainment) in which Gambit can be seen leaping on Wolverine’s back as he charges into battle and uses his kinetic energy manipulation powers to supercharge Wolverine’s adamantium claws. The user wrote:

“Someone at Marvel went back in time to find me and my friends playing X-Men at the playground.”


Many other X users chimed in to express the same emotion. Here is what some of them had to say:



This kind of reaction was bound to be triggered by the trailer for the series uploaded by Marvel Entertainment on YouTube. Hopefully, the series will be a treat to the ’90s fans who have waited so long for their favorite show to be revived.

Everything Known about Marvel’s X-Men ’97 Series

A scene from Marvel's X-Men '97
A scene from Marvel Entertainment’s X-Men ’97 trailer

Not much seems to have changed in the Marvel’s new X-Men ’97 series. The team still travels in the X-Jet, also known as The Blackbird. Cyclops is the mutant team’s leader, and Wolverine is still doing a good job of provoking him. Professor Charles Xavier passed on the torch to Cyclops through a dialogue bridging the gap between the two series.

Beau De Mayo is the creator and head writer of the series with Jake Castorena acting as the supervising director. Most of the original voice cast is returning for the series except for a few additions. Alyson Court who had been previously voicing Jubilee will be voicing a different character as she demanded that an Asian actress voice the character of Jubilee.


X-Men ’97 will premiere on Disney+ on March 20, 2024.


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