Sons of Anarchy Saved Actress Katey Sagal’s Career From Being Typecast in Hollywood after an Iconic Sitcom Role Put Her in a Box

While ‘Married... with Children’ saved Katey Sagal after sobriety, ‘Sons of Anarchy’ saved her from Hollywood typecast.

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  • After struggling with addiction for years, Katey Sagal finally got sober and landed the role of Peg Bundy in Married... with Children.
  • Although the 1987 sitcom came as a blessing in Sagal’s life, it also ended up typecasting her into comic roles.
  • Later on, after years of comedic roles, Kurt Sutter finally approached Sagal with Sons of Anarchy that redeemed her career.
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Although the Shameless actress Katey Sagal now enjoys an envious career, following her appearance in popular television shows, she once faced the common challenge of being typecast in Hollywood. After her iconic role as Peg Bundy on the hit sitcom Married… with Children (1987-1997) cemented her status in Hollywood, the show also confined her to the specific genre of comedy.

Katey Sagal on Married... with Children (1987-1997)
Katey Sagal as Peg Bundy on Married… with Children (1987-1997)

While the world considers Katey Sagal a versatile actress with great range, she recalled how Married… with Children typecast her in the industry. Although the show initially came as a blessing, following her 4 months of sobriety, Sagal recalled getting a sinking feeling about her career, as she kept getting repetitive roles after starring as Peg. But eventually, Sons of Anarchy came as her true savior, as the show pulled her out of the typecast misery and allowed her to explore her dramatic side.

Katey Sagal Worried Getting Typecast After Married… with Children

Serving the entertainment industry since the age of 5 as a child actress, Katey Sagal had created a position for herself in Hollywood. However, in the wake of her teens, the actress admitted to getting hooked on diet pills prescribed by a doctor, which eventually led her toward addiction. Soon Sagal leaned towards drugs and alcoholism which later took her 15 years to get back her sobriety.


After battling with addiction for more than a decade, Katey Sagal was worried she might never land another acting gig. That’s when Married… with Children (1987-1997) came as a blessing in her life. Offered the comic role of Peg Bundy in the popular sitcom, Sagal kick-started her career once again, after being four months sober. However, within a few years of working in the show, Sagal started getting plagued by the fear of being typecast.

Katey Sagal as Peg Bundy on Married... with Children (1987-1997)
Katey Sagal in a still from Married… with Children

Later on, Katey Sagal’s fears came true, as she was confined to comedic roles despite continuing to demonstrate a strong range. Recently appearing on the Inside Of You podcast, Sagal thus recalled the time after Married… with Children, when she struggled to shake off her comedic image, finding herself limited to similar roles.

Drugs and alcohol kinda took me down the dark path in my 20s… I was 4 months sober when I got [Married… with Children]… I had a great experience on that show. I love [Peg Bundy]. But you know I might not have felt that way if I couldn’t have gotten out of that box. Because there are a lot of people that don’t – they cannot get out of the whatever. You know if you are in somebody’s living room for 11 years, they do not wanna buy you as something else. It’s hard.”

Sons of Anarchy (2008)
Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy (2008)

After years of being confined to sitcoms, Katey Sagal recalled breaking out of the shackles of being typecast in Hollywood. Addressing how she eventually did it, Sagal credited Sons of Anarchy for the platform and opportunity.


Sons of Anarchy Saved Katey Sagal from Hollywood Typecast

Katey Sagal revealed how she longed to showcase her range and versatility as an actress, but opportunities were scarce. Admitting that it was difficult for her to break out of her acting confinement, Sagal revealed it wasn’t until Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014), approached her with the role of Gemma Teller Morrow that her career was redeemed.

The role of Gemma, the matriarch of the Teller-Morrow family and the queen of the motorcycle club, was a far cry from the lovable but dysfunctional Peg Bundy. Katey Sagal thus noted how this new character allowed her to tap into her dramatic side while exploring themes of family, loyalty, and power.

Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow in a still from Sons of Anarchy
Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow in a still from Sons of Anarchy

I had a lot of trouble getting out of that comedy box… I would have to go in rooms and show people that I didn’t look that way, that I could do. When I did Lost I had to go in like three times for a little recurring arc and so when Kurt wrote me that role it was like wow, finally I’m gonna get to, you know. Cause I don’t even think I’m funny. I’m funny if you give me something funny to say. But I think I’m way more dramatic than funny.

Eventually, Sons of Anarchy solidified Katey Sagal’s status as a talented dramatic actress and provided her with a new platform to tap into intense narrative and complex characters. Her success in the series allowed her to spread her wings and break free from the typecasting that had previously held her back.


Married… with Children is available on Prime Video. 

Sons of Anarchy is available on Disney+. 


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