“We fall in the same category”; Charlie Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy Creator Compares Series With Christopher Nolan’s Batman for a Surprising Reason

Charlie Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy Creator Compares Series With Christopher Nolan’s Batman for a Surprising Reason
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Over the years, there have been several great shows that won hearts, but never an Emmy for appreciation. While it appears shocking, Charlie Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy comes under the list of shows that failed to receive an Emmy nod. Despite catching audiences’ attention and being FX’s best thriller series, the show failed to take home their token of appreciation.

Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy

Evidently, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter had his reasons to believe why his drama series never got appreciated by the Emmys. And shockingly enough, Sutter’s reason correlated with Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. During an interview with Deadline, the showrunner explained his reasons and theories. 

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Charlie Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy Never Received An Emmy 

Although it’s not always necessary for a show or a movie to receive the award of appreciation to be fans’ favorite, at times it boosts morale. And while it appears a daunting responsibility to pick and choose a winner from a pool of well-deserving candidates, it is also quite unfortunate to see a few classics leaving empty-handed. 

 Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

It is hard to fathom that Charlie Hunnam‘s critically acclaimed show Sons of Anarchy failed to receive appreciation from the Emmys. Across its seven seasons, the crime series beautifully ventured into the journey of character development. Not just that, even the gripping storyline kept its audience at the edge of their seats throughout the episodes. 

Irrespective of how amazing the show was and how fans claimed it to be FX’s best thriller series, Charlie Hunnam’s show never bagged an Emmy. The closest Sons of Anarchy ever got to winning was for the music, makeup, and stunt coordination. However, showrunner Kurt Sutter had his theories as to why his critically acclaimed show never won the prestigious statue. 


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Kurt Sutter Compares Sons of Anarchy With Batman 

During an interview with Deadline in 2013, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter mentioned how he thinks the gruff appearances of the characters in the show and the overall imagery played a role in depriving him of an Emmy. “We are the dirty white boys people are afraid of, and so what you say may be true,” Sutter claimed. 

Kurt Sutter
Kurt Sutter stated bizarre theories

However, what sounded even more shocking was his theory of the correlation between Sons of Anarchy and Christopher Nolan‘s Batman. “To bring back the Batman analogy, we’re not an art series, we’re perceived as the big action violent series.” the showrunner explained. 


The same way Batman never gets the Oscar love because it’s that summer blockbuster, we fall in the same category.” Kurt Sutter stated. 

Kurt Sutter
Sutter compared Sons of Anarchy with Christopher Nolan’s Batman

Attempting to avoid miscommunication, Sutter explained, “They say forget Batman, let’s look at the art stuff…I’m not comparing myself to Chris Nolan [Christopher Nolan], but we’re ‘that’ show.” Further, stating how he believes awards aren’t everything as there are different ways to prove the quality of a show, Kurt Sutter mentioned being super proud of his artistic creation. 

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Source: Deadline


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