Sony Cleverly Put 15 Easter Eggs In Morbius

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???? Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Only proceed to read if you have watched Sony’s Morbius in theaters????


The story of one of the greatest scientists and a Nobel Prize repellent, Morbius revolves around Dr. Michael Morbius who struggles to find the cure for his incurable disease. Regardless of what the critics are talking about this film, we’ve got you 15 easter eggs that Sony left behind for us in the film:



1. Throughout the movie, we get multiple visuals of The Daily Bugle. What we don’t see here unfortunately is J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson.

2. The Vulture shows up towards the end of the movie from another universe. This sets up the plot for the much-awaited Sinister Six of the Sony Spider-Man verse.

3. In an attempt to frighten a civilian, Morbius jokingly quotes the infamous catchphrase that Venom uses every other minute “I AM VENOM.”

4. We get visuals of an Oscorp building in the movie. The building is bearing the same logo as in The Amazing Spider-Man. Director Daniel Espinosa has hinted that the film takes place in Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Universe.

5. One of the trailers that we got before the release of the movie featured a poster with Spider-Man on it. However, the film mysteriously leaves out this scene, well, was it the wrong suit?


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6. The film ends with Morbius and Vulture teaming up to take on the multiverse which is likely to bring them up against real-life Miles Morales and his Spidey-Verse crew.

7. In one of the scenes, Morbius drinks blood from Martine, and a drop of blood spills inside her. If we go by the comics, Martine eventually becomes a vampire, just like Morbius.

8. The threatening Russian gentleman that prompts Milo to hire more men can only be Kraven, the star of Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man-less Spider-Man film.

9. Hulk was the first individual who crossed our minds when Morbius quoted “YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M HUNGRY.” Instead of ‘hungry’, it’s ‘angry’ for Hulk.

10. Morbius happens to be working at Horizon Labs. This is the same place where Peter Parker in the comics eventually works as a scientist.

11. The Daily Bugle mentions “The Chameleon’s Great Escape” in one of their editions. This could be hinting at Spider-Man’s villain from the comics called ‘Chameleon’.

12. The original cut had Carnage as one of Morbius’ prisoners. After the film got reshuffled and placed eight movies ahead of where it originally was going to be, several scenes were erased.

13. Spider-Man’s Vulture enters the Sony Universe. This happened the way how Venom got left in the MCU as a result of Doctor Strange’s spell.

14. There was an ‘A train’  that featured on the film’s first poster which had a resemblance with the A from Avengers.

15. In one of the editions of The Daily Bugle, we can spot headlines about Rhino and Black Cat. All these characters are hence existing in this universe.

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