Morbius: 10 Times In Comics He Threw Caution To The Wind & Became A Villain

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Morbius, The Living Vampire is a Spider-Man villain and has been around for 50 years. However, he has now emerged as an anti-hero. As the Living Vampire, he has thrown caution to the wind and been more villainous than ever. Although Morbius has had multiple encounters with Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, he has shown that he can be one of the most savage villains ever.


1. Amazing Spider-Man #101: Morbius debuted in Amazing Spider-Man#101. He was termed as bad luck as several sailors disappeared after his appearance. At nightfall, he killed the entire crew and fed off their blood.

Amazing Spider-Man #101 | Morbius the living vampire,
Morbius, The Debut

2. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #52: Nightmare ( a magician and villain) takes control of Morbius’s body. He overwhelms Strange so fast that Strange doesn’t have the time to defend himself. So Nightmare and The Living Vampire together control Doctor Strange.

2. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #52: Nightmare ( a magician and villain) takes control of Morbius's body. He overwhelms Strange so fast that Strange doesn't have the time to defend himself. So Nightmare and The Living Vampire together control Doctor Strange.
Doctor Strange was bested by them

3. Amazing Spider-Man #141: Morbius returns to the storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #141. Spider-Man fights Mysterio, who is a master illusionist. Mysterio uses illusions of Doc Ock, Morbius, and Vulture to overwhelm and overpower Spider-Man. He is included in the big league of villains even if he is not physically present.

Mysterio: Spider-Man Villain
Mighty Mysterio

4. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #7: Morbius has exiled himself to another dimension, but he is forced to return to Earth when Empathoid possesses him. Empathoid is an evil android – an emotional servant of an unknown group of aliens. the Living Vampire (controlled by Empathoid) kidnaps Grant, which forces Spider-Man to chase him and fight him.

Empathoid - Morbius

5. Amazing Spider-Man #622: Readers did not see Morbius in Amazing Spider-Man for a long time. However, they did appear separately in other Marvel Comics several times. They come together again in a direct face-off in Amazing Spider-Man #622—one of the more complex stories featuring Spider-Man and Morbius as staunch adversaries in a fierce face-off.

Morbius , Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Morbius, A Face-Off

6. Marvel Team-Up #3: Human Torch and Spider-Man became the favorite fan duo to fight evil in Marvel Team-Up #1 and #2. In Marvel Team-Up #3. Morbius attacks a man named Jorgenson. He is stopped and has to fight off the Human Torch and Spider-Man duo.

The Human Torch and Spider-Man fight Morbius
The Formidable Duo

7. The Spectacular Spider-Man #38: Peter Parker meets Morbius at a costume party hosted by his classmate. Morbius turns one of the guests into a vampire. This results in a lot of panic and chaos. Morbius and Spider-Man fight it out till a lightning bolt strikes down Morbius.

Spider-Man vs Morbius
The Adversaries

8. Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #10: One of the most shocking turns of events in Doctor Strange comics was when Morbius turns Doctor Strange’s brother into a vampire. The Living Vampire stole the body of (believed to be) deceased Victor Strange from a cryogenic freezing warehouse. Before Doctor Strange can rescue his brother, Morbius bites him and turns him into a vampire. Victor awakens and runs away while the two adversaries battle it out.

The Living Vampire

9. X-Man #24: Nate Grey Aka X-Man is no novice fighting evil. In X-Man #24, Peter is on his way to meet Aunt May for Christmas. On the way, he finds Nate Grey lying injured. They deduce that the culprit is none other than The Living Vampire and set out to find him. However, when they see him, The Living Vampire flees.

X-Man (Nate Grey)
X-Man (Nate Grey)

10. Spider-Man #14: Here, the Living Vampire leads a group called the subhumans. He captured people who the subhumans deemed as wrong. Then the subhumans fed off these humans kidnapped by the Living Vampire.

The Living Vampire
The Subhuman Helper



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