Sony Wasn’t Expecting this Sort of Response to their PlayStation 5 Slim

Sony's new PlayStation 5 Slim models has been mocked for both its design and the vertical stand being sold separately.

Sony Wasn’t Expecting this Sort of Response to their PlayStation 5 Slim


  • PlayStation 5 Slim was announced yesterday, rather quietly by Sony.
  • The vertical stand for the two new Slim models sells separately.
  • The decision to sell the stand separately has prompted several memes.
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Sony announced the PlayStation 5 Slim edition yesterday without any prior teasers or hints, taking the gaming community by surprise. While several gamers were holding out for a PlayStation 5 Pro version announcement by Sony, the Slim edition came out of nowhere splitting fans about how they felt about the new pair of consoles.


PlayStation 5 Slim will be launched this November, and while the disc edition costs $499.99, the digital edition costs $449.99. There were no predictions or leaks about Sony’s plans for the Slim edition release this month, but now after the announcement, the initial reactions are not what Sony would have expected, with several fans mocking the model and more specifically, the stand.

Fans Split Over PlayStation 5 Slim’s Design, Price, and Separate Stand

Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim comes with a 1TB storage option.
Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim comes with a 1TB storage option.

Sony succeeded in catching everyone’s attention by announcing PlayStation 5’s Slim edition out of the blue, and while there was excitement in the air initially about a new PlayStation console release, the reactions turned sour quite quickly among fans. With a 30% smaller body, up to 24% lighter than the previous models, and a detachable Blu-ray disc drive, the console looks like it’s just lost weight while looking quite the same.


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What was even more bizarre was Sony’s plans to replace the PlayStation 5 consoles with the Slim edition in the coming months with no word on restocking the PlayStation 5 consoles. The overall design of the PlayStation 5 Slim isn’t drastically different from the PS5 design while sporting a detachable drive and a slimmer footprint.

In a very Apple move, fans are also infuriated about the separately sold stand that’s required to keep PS5 Slim in a vertical position costing an extra $29.99. The detachable Blu-ray disc drive also costs an extra $79.99. As for internal storage, the PlayStation 5 Slim will come with a 1TB storage option, which is an increase over the base-model PS5 that packs an 800GB option.


Here’s how fans everywhere welcomed the PlayStation 5 Slim editions with their humorous take.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim Caught Everyone’s Attention, Fans Mock Stand’s Funny Design

PS5 Slim's newly designed vertical stand has grabbed a lot of unwanted attention.
PS5 Slim’s newly designed vertical stand has grabbed a lot of unwanted attention.

When the PlayStation 5 Slim edition was revealed yesterday, its separately sold stand grabbed a lot of unwanted attention. The stand being sold separately has got the fans comparing it to Apple’s Pro Display stand that was also sold separately for $999.

While costing a very tiny fraction in comparison, the stand being sold separately for players who wish to keep their PS5 Slim consoles standing upright has not gone down well.


When the PlayStation 5 came out, the looks were often compared to a Router, and the size of the console was also subjected to a lot of ridicule for being extraordinarily big. Xbox Series X was another console that faced the ire of gamers who compared the console to a mini-fridge. Microsoft surprised everyone by taking the memes seriously by actually releasing a limited edition cooler fridge that looked exactly like an Xbox Series X.

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PlayStation 5 came under heavy scrutiny when there were reports of liquid metal leaking in the console moving from its place damaging the internal hardware. This was reported on both versions of the PlayStation 5. However, this report was quickly debunked and reported as being a misunderstanding while assuring gamers there were no issues with the consoles standing upright for a prolonged period.


Regardless, the console’s sheer size meant many preferred to keep it standing up to save space. While the Slim editions trim down on size and looks, it’s highly unlikely gamers would want to keep the console lying down in a horizontal position. Selling the stand to keep the consoles standing vertically, thus did not make much sense as fans expressed their surprise.

There’s no specific date mentioned for the launch of PS5 Slim in other regions which should be in the months that follow the US launch date of November.

Are you planning on picking up either of Sony’s new PlayStation 5 Slim models? Let us know in the comments!


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