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Sorry James Gunn, AI Came Up With a Better Flash Story Than Your Army of Writers Did in ‘The Flash’

Sorry James Gunn, AI Came Up With a Better Flash Story Than Your Army of Writers Did in 'The Flash'

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger did warn us about the dangers of A.I. With James Gunn putting his hopes in the Ezra Miller starrer The Flash, the new co-CEO of DC Studios was faced with disappointment and trolls from the audience.

With AI on the rise, we asked artificial intelligence to write a story about The Flash. The results were quite shocking and hilarious as the story was deeper, more complex, and overall better than what James Gunn and his army of writers were able to create.

A still from DCU's The Flash (2023).
A still from DCU’s The Flash (2023). (Credit: WB)

An AI Bot Wrote A Better Story Than James Gunn’s The Flash!

With DCU’s The Flash receiving some early-on hated criticism and trolls, James Gunn alongside the people was quite disappointed with the movie’s performance. With the dawn of artificial intelligence at hand, we tested the limits of human creativity vs. AI.

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We asked an AI bot to create a storyline based on the character of the Flash. The results were indeed great since the story that the AI was able to create was far better than the story of James Gunn and his army of writers who created the 2023 movie The Flash. In the movie titled “Flashpoint Chronicles: Shattered Timelines”, the prologue of the movie introduces Barry Allen trying to go back in time to fix his mother’s death.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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While doing so, the superhero accidentally breaks reality creating multiple dimensions and timelines. Barry Allen wakes up in a completely different timeline where his powers of lightning are diminished. Barry Allen meets a mysterious scientist Harrison Wells who somehow knows about the fractured multiverse. Following the meet-up, the Flash starts gathering allies with alternate versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The team of superheroes tries to restore the shattered multiverse as the antagonist of the story is introduced.

With the antagonist revealed to be a powerful villain known as Tempus, the character harnesses the energy of these shattered realities and becomes a villain of immense power. In an effort to restore the timelines, the team of allies travels through a difficult journey to retrieve some artifacts that were connected to their pasts and when corrected brings balance to the multiverse.

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The Flash Gets Complicated And Emotional

The Flash
The Flash (Credit: WB)

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During their journey, the superheroes have to sacrifice several things and live to get these artifacts while encountering several adversaries and alternate versions of well-known villains like the Joker, General Dru-Zod, and many more while Barry Allen defeats each enemy and regains his power.

In the final showdown, The Flash confronts Tempus in a final battle that spans multiple dimensions. The Flash realizes that to defeat Tempus, he has to embrace the full extent of his power while confronting his past and fear. After finally defeating Tempus, The Flash combines the artifacts to restore the timeline. In the epilogue of the movie, Barry Allen returns to his job of protecting the multiverse stronger while all the superheroes return to their original timelines.

With the conclusion of the story at an end, it can easily be said that this version of the movie would perhaps have attracted a more positive review than Andy Muschietti’s movie did. With his hopes up, James Gunn tried to restore the DCU with his storylines but the movie underperformed at the theaters.

The Flash is currently screening in theaters across the U.S. for people to see.

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