“Let’s go! We’ve been waiting 13 years…”: Space Marine 2’s Over-the-top and Visceral Action Promised by Saber’s CCO, with Die-Hard Warhammer and New Fans Alike Counting Down

Fans are unable to keep calm for the upcoming title!

space marine 2


  • Space Marine 2 is the latest entry in the Warhammer 40000 series, developed by Saber Interactive.
  • The COO of Saber recently posted about the game on X and people were incredibly warm and ecstatic.
  • Further more, the studio has taken its consumer-first approach one step further by not adding pay-to-win or gameplay based microtransactions.
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Space Marine is the upcoming third-person hack-and-slash video game title in the acclaimed Warhammer 40000 series. The game is developed by Saber Interactive, the studio known for


Recently, the CCO of Saber Interactive, Tim Willits, posted about the game on his X account, leaving fans even more eager to get their hands on the upcoming title. Reacting to the CCO’s post, fans also stated that a title similar to Space Marine was long overdue.

What Fans Say About Space Marine 2 on Social Media

It seems like fan cannot wait to play as Captain Titus again.
It seems like fan cannot wait to play as Captain Titus again.

Recently, Space Marine 2‘s PvE co-op trailer went live on YouTube, and the trailer most certainly made waves within a couple of days of being posted. 


Fans seem ready to step into Captain Titus’ boots and play as a Primaris Space Marine. The game features a co-op PvE, a PvP, and a single-player campaign, meaning that everyone can enjoy the game regardless of one’s liking or dislike for playing with other people. Saber Interactive’s CEO recently posted regarding the game on his X account:

The post was oozing with confidence from the CCO as he was almost sure that the title would be the ‘best action game’ of 2024, which indubitably means the game will have some gigantic shoes to fill. But it seems like fans of the series were ready to back up Saber Interactive on that claim.

Fans could be seen expressing that they were impressed with the trailer and that they couldn’t wait to play. Some also stated that it had been 13 long years since the game’s predecessor and that their wait had finally come to an end :


It seems like the studio knows how to please their customers and offer value to them. But the absence of an incredibly disliked feature in the game, revealed recently, makes it one of the most unique AAA multiplayer titles.

Space Marine 2 Not Having Microtransactions Proves a Massive Point

Space Marine 2 seems fantastic and also has no pay-to-win microtransactions!
Space Marine 2 seems fantastic and also has no pay-to-win microtransactions!

Space Marine 2‘s delay caused a lot of fans to express their impatience, too and it was called for since there is nothing quite like the titles in the modern video game space. Finally, when the game was announced, plenty of good news came.

One such good news was the absence of microtransactions that can influence gameplay or be termed pay-to-win. This was shared in a Steam Community Update by the game’s team:


We want Space Marine 2 to be an experience tailor-crafted for the players. Hence, we’re happy to confirm that there aren’t any microtransactions in Space Marine 2. No in-game cash shop. All gameplay content and features will be free to all players. Any paid DLCs will be cosmetic only.

While there has been an increase in titles with little to no pay-to-win microtransactions, the number is still not comparable to titles with such microtransactions. And when a game developer ensures fair play for everyone, it exudes confidence and security in their title. What do you think of the upcoming title by Saber Interactive? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.


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