EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Girl Project in Development at Sony

Spider-Girl Project in Development at Sony
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Looks as though Sony Pictures is showing no signs of stopping when it comes to introducing audiences to new spider-themed heroes from Marvel! We at FandomWire can exclusively reveal that Sony is developing a Spider-Girl project!


Now you may be asking, which Spider-Girl is this centered around? Well, the project will focus on Anya Corazon. There is currently no word if this movie will set in the world of Venom or Moribus, however, it is highly likely.

Who Is Anya Corazon?

Anya Corazon Spider-Girl


For those who aren’t familiar with this character, Anya Corazon basically has the same powers as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (Earth-65). Anya made her first comic appearance in Amazing Fantasy #1 in August of 2004. Before taking on the Spider-Girl moniker, Anya went by the name Arana. Before she became Arana, she was caught in a skirmish between two mystical clans called The Spider Society and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, and was mortally wounded. To save her life, a mage from the Spider Society, Miguel, performs a ritual on her by giving her a spider-shaped tattoo that endows her with spider-like powers. He then recruited her to be a Hunter for the Society.

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Anya has appeared in dozens of Marvel comics storylines like Civil War, Spider-Island, Spider-Verse, and Secret Wars (2015). Her only TV appearance is from the Disney XD Marvel’s Spider-Man cartoon series.


What This Means

Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters

It’s cool that Sony is bringing this character to life and will especially be nice to see a Puerto Rican/Mexican superheroine, which will be a big influence for Latina audiences.

We do however want to stress that just because something is in development at a studio, doesn’t necessarily mean that the project will definitely come to fruition. However, it’s very likely a project like this will become a reality as Sony is moving full steam ahead with their Marvel properties.


At this time, Sony hasn’t responded for comment.

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