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Spider-Man 4 Theory: Morlun Has Killed All Spider-Men of the Multiverse, Leaving Only Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire as Sole Survivors

Spider-Man: No Way Home was surely a treat for the new zoomer as well as old-time Spider-Man fans as both target audiences got their treat of Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland in one single movie! Now you may be wondering why the latest Spider-Man movie only had three web-slinging heroes, because of a particularly strong villain.

It would obviously be amazing to have more than three spideys in the next installation of the famous franchise, but that’s probably not going to happen at all. One of Marvel’s most fearsome villains from the comics who possesses superhuman strength, Morlun, is going to be the bane of the three Peter Parkers that we have left.

Spider-Man FandomWire
L to R: Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Tobey Maguire

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Who Is Morlun? What’s He Got To Do With Spider-Man? Spoiler Ahead For The Comics

If you have been unversed in the character itself, let me explain.

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Morlun is one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes. He belongs to a family of a clan called The Inheritors- they’re totemic hunters who survive off the life force that Totems bring to them, it is required that they kill the Totemic beings in order to survive.

Spider-Man FandomWire
Morlun (right) in the comics

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Morlun and The Inheritors in specific are known to be a major problem for Spider Totems (the main reason for them hunting Spider Totems being that they were prophesized to kill them), having hunted down and killed a Spider Totem called Ezekiel Sims from a different universe.


He gained his powers by killing various Spider Totems in the Multiverse and mind you, he’s pretty strong too – He’s an agile & intelligent fighter with superhuman strength, and is able to move at speeds beyond the physical limitations of a normal human being (as well as superhuman stamina).

He’s also known to have been able to rip apart an Adamantium net just by using his hands, so that’s a marker of how strong this villain is!

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So What Does This Mean For The Three Remaining Spider-Men In The MCU?

This is only a theory, but the reason that we only had three of the web-slinging heroes in Spider-Man: No Way Home is simple- Morlun has killed the rest and is coming for three Peter Parker’s that are currently alive. The question that stands is will Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield’s version of Peter Parker(s) be able to defeat the Spider-Man terminator?

Spider-Man FandomWire
Morlun in the comics, he has a vampire-ish look

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There is officially no update on what the next Spider-Man movie will be focusing on, although Kevin Feige confirmed back in December that development for the next movie’s story is officially in the works.

But we can safely assume that Morlun might be the main villain in the next movie, or at least have a cameo in the post-credits scene. Who knows, but it’d be interesting to see a villain whose sole purpose is just to kill our friendly neighborhood superhero.

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