Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Theory Hints That Old Peter Bonded With Venom

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One recently gave us the big “First Look” tease and it’s needless to say that what we saw was awesome. The reunion of Gwen and Miles seemed exciting and then the Spider-Man 2099 tease was cherry on top of the cake. But before we look at the future, let’s look at the past as it might have given us a nod to Venom’s existence in this franchise (or perhaps in a particular universe of the Spider-Verse). We’ve come across an old Spider-Verse theory suggesting that the older Peter Parker of Into The Spider-Verse must have bonded with Venom in the past on his Universe.


Venom is Sony’s hot property these days. They’re running a successful Venom franchise in live-action parallel to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU. Meanwhile, characters like Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen have become the focal point of the Animated Spider-Verse franchise. But if you think about it, the Spider-Verse is getting bits from all across the Spider-Man comics lore. We had several villains in the first movie, and there were obviously multiple variants of Spider people who assembled into Morales’ universe from across the Spider-Verse! So, it would be safe to say that we may have got a Venom nod as well.


Spider-Verse Theory: Peter Parker Bonded With Venom

Just read the following theory and you’d understand:

[Into The Spider-Verse] Possible Nod to Venom from FanTheories



According to Redditor u/visijared, Peter could have become a victim of Venom! It is a known fact that Peter and Venom have a long history in the comics. In several stories, Venom first bonded with Peter before latching on to Eddie Brock. Sam Raimi also used this narrative point in Spider-Man 3, and we saw what the Venom symbiote did to Peter. So, we could say that it must have happened in the older Peter Parker’s Universe as well.

Sony’s Venom has also shown us that bonding with a Symbiote is not easy. Eddie Brock seems to have brought out the good in Venom but, the other Symbiotes that we’ve seen haven’t been so kind. Both Riot and Carnage were the absolute worst! And the Venoms on other Universes may not be so kind. Symbiotes usually corrupt their hosts and suck them dry. So, it is understandable if the older Pete became all disoriented after contacting Venom in his Universe.

Spider-Verse theory

Yes, he obviously managed to get rid of the Symbiote. But his life was a complete mess after that. He wasn’t the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man that he used to be. He lost MJ and gained weight! All this could be the result of the PTSD Peter suffered after sharing his body with Venom for a while. His backstory hasn’t really been explored in this franchise as things have mostly been about Miles Morales. But maybe if that old Peter is brought back in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part One or Part Two, we could get this nod in those films.

No Venom in Across The Spider-Verse, But a Hopeful Peter

This franchise probably won’t bring Venom into the mix as it has its hands full with all the Spider-Man variants. And Sony may not even want to give us a Venom appearance here in order to prevent the oversaturation of the character. So, it’d be nice if we get a Venom nod through the older Peter P. That way, we’d at least know that Venom exists in the Universe. It will be interesting to see how Peter’s journey continues in the franchise. Miles motivated him to be better. So maybe when he returns, he’d be in perfect shape and will have restored himself to his former glory.


What do you guys think about his future and his past in the Spider-Verse? Does this Venom history make sense for you guys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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