We Are Venom: 8 DC Characters That Were Venomized

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What if these iconic DC characters ended up bonding with the Venom symbiote? How would Venom have changed the DC Universe?


Yellow Lantern Venom

Yellow Lantern

What if Venom managed to get his hands on a Power Ring? And not just any ring but the mighty Yellow Lantern Power Ring? Would he be a suitable candidate? Wielders of the Yellow Power Ring must incite fear in the hearts of their enemies. Venom seems like the perfect candidate for the role. The guy looks menacing as it is already. He eats people that irk him even a little!! This artwork by 666Darks shows a Yellow Lantern Venom would be an absolute force of nature.

Venom Who Laughs

Batman Who Laughs

Thanks to the Dark Nights” metal series, we got to see one of the craziest and most insane versions of the Batman. The Batman Who Laughs is the combination of Batman and the Joker. The guy is already bat-sh*t crazy as it is. Once he bonds with the symbiote, it is game over. Maybe Batman has  enough mental strength to reject the symbiote’s corruption. But artist MJ.Hiblen Art shows the twisted psyche of Batman Who Laughs would happily let his body be taken over by the symbiote.



Leto’s Joker

This Venom Joker artwork by Jamie Marrero clearly takes inspiration from Jared Leto’s Joker from the DCEU movies. Leto played a bizarre and unhinged version of the character in the DCEU movies. His take was certainly a mixed bag of emotions. Imagine if the Joker and his insanity were amplified by the effects of bonding with the alien Venom symbiote?! That is what this artwork tries to show us! Maybe Joker will end up corrupting the symbiote like Cletus corrupted Carnage.

Doomsday Venom


We will be honest with you. This version of  a Venomized Doomsday looks straight out of Dragon Ball’s Buu Saga. Maybe the artist JustGeoffsArt took inspiration from Majin Buu, the villain of Dragon Ball Z’s Buu saga. Doomsday is a threat by himself. He singlehandedly took down the strongest superhero in the DC Universe. And if the symbiote manages to bond with it and corrupt Doomsday even more, may the Universe have mercy on our poor souls.



The Speed Force now has a connection to the Alien symbiotes from Klyntar. Can a symbiote even withstand the overwhelming energy from the Speed Force? That is the question we ask ourselves once we look at this fanart!




The symbiote bonds with the strongest superhero in existence. The result – a crazed behemoth who is invulnerable, unstoppable, and invincible. Venom-Superman from Arkenstellar is our worst fear come true.



Jinx, a Teen Titans and Young Justice Villain, is known to attract bad luck. And her streak of bad luck has not come to an end. She managed to attract the attention of a symbiotic parasite from another universe. Of all the people in the DC Universe the symbiote could possess, it chose Jinx. Talk about bad timing!! This does makes us ponder – does Jinx’s bad luck powers are also amplified because of the symbiote? This artwork by mayozilla makes us think quite a bit.



We have yet another entry for Batman. Since the guy is so popular, his fan-arts get more hits than hot cakes on a cold winter morning. Batwing-Venom from artist daremaker looks straight out of a horror movie. Batman wants to be a symbol for criminals to fear. What if he took things too far and became a very creature of the night?!?! With razor sharp talons that can rip through steel and wings that let him soar across the night sky in search of his prey, Bat-Venom is out for the hunt. Will you be his food for the night?



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