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“Sports and entertainment are a powerful combination”: Before Ryan Reynolds Ignited Soccer World With Wrexham AFC, Mark Wahlberg Bought Stake in a Sports Team That Has Almost Zero Interest in the US

"Sports and entertainment are a powerful combination": Before Ryan Reynolds Ignited Soccer World With Wrexham AFC, Mark Wahlberg Bought Stake in a Sports Team That Has Almost Zero Interest in the US

Mark Wahlberg is steadily building a global business empire as he expands his fitness enterprise beyond North America. The Departed actor is also a partner in his family business, a burger chain named Wahlburgers, which he runs with his brothers, Donnie and Paul. Wahlberg has also invested in several car dealerships across the state of Ohio.

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg promoting his two brands, Municipal and F45

The Spenser Confidential actor has impeccable business acumen when it comes to choosing brands to invest in. Within his diverse portfolio, which includes fitness, nutrition, and beverages, Wahlberg has also made a smart investment in a sports team.

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Mark Wahlberg Owns A Stake In A Sports Team

Mark Wahlberg with Ajmal Khan
Ajmal Khan introduced Mark Wahlberg to the game of cricket

Mark Wahlberg acquired stakes in a sports team back in July 2013, way before the trend of Hollywood stars investing in sports began catching fire. In 2020, reports surfaced that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was looking to purchase the Welsh football club, Wrexham AFC, and the deal was confirmed in 2021. Earlier in 2020, another A-list actor, Dwayne Johnson became a co-owner of the XFL professional football league.

However, Wahlberg preceded these actors by several years when he purchased the stakes in a sport that was relatively unpopular in the US. The Boogie Nights actor invested in the Barbados Tridents cricket team in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), which was later renamed to Barbados Royals. In a statement to Guyana Times, Wahlberg shared (via Caribbean Journal):

“I am a huge cricket fan now. I’m excited to be a part of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League because I know cricket is huge in the Caribbean and a rich part of the region’s heritage. Sports and entertainment are a powerful combination, and the LCPL will appeal to a huge audience worldwide.”

The Four Brothers actor was introduced to cricket by his friend and the club’s chairman at the time, Ajmal Khan. Interestingly, Khan was also instrumental in the creation of CPL, and bringing in Wahlberg gained wider audience attention for the league and the sport.

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Mark Wahlberg’s Investments Are Ones To Watch Out For

Abraham Ancer, Mark Wahlberg, and Aron Marquez
Mark Wahlberg is partners with Abraham Ancer and Aron Marquez in Flecha Azul

Mark Wahlberg has also made intelligent investments in growing fitness brands, including F45 Training, the Australian fitness center chain, where he recently took over as the Chief Brand Officer. F45, with the help of Wahlberg, has expanded its operations to several countries. The rapper-turned-actor is also the founder of the athleisure clothing brand, Municipal.

Wahlberg also has a deep interest in nutrition and co-owns the nutrition supplements brand, Performance Inspired. The brand produces protein powders and bars, with its products being sold globally. The Italian Job actor is also involved in the beverages industry, founding and investing in the bottled water brand, AQUAhydrate.

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In his most recent investment, the Instant Family actor bought stakes in the tequila brand, Flecha Azul, along with golfer Abraham Ancer and entrepreneur Aron Marquez. The Fear actor’s interest in cricket is one to look out for, as the sport is gaining traction in the US through the revamped American Premier League.

Source: Caribbean Journal

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