Square Enix’s Answer to Minecraft Finally Makes Its Way to PC 8 Years Later

Dragon Quest expands its frontiers.


  • The Akira Toriyama game universe will now have a new platform. Dragon Quest Builders is already available on PC via Steam.
  • This version of Dragon Quest Builders has all the previously released DLC included and many new features that will take advantage of the mouse and make things easy for the player.
  • Owners of Dragon Quest Builders 2 on PC can have a discount for the purchase of the first one.
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Square Enix expands the Akira Toriyama spin-off of a very well-known franchise. Dragon Quest Builders is finally coming to PC. This Minecraft version of the Dragon Quest universe had a good reception on other platforms.


This PC version of the game will include all existing DLC launched. It will only be available on Steam for the moment. Since yesterday, Dragon Quest Builders has been available on Steam; the game has also been launched on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Players can get a discount if they already have Dragon Quest Builders 2 on PC. 

Dragon Quest Builders is now on PC


A game that was originally launched back in 2016 for PS4 has made its way to many new platforms. Dragon Quest Builders is now available on Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, and now is the moment for PC via Steam.


The characters from the universe created by Akira Toriyama embarked on a new kind of adventure. This Minecraft-style title will make you craft and manage your own resources and make a base; combat is also present. 

This version of Dragon Quest Builders will include all the DLC launched for the game. As Minecraft is about to farm and grind a lot of resources. Make new armor, bases, weapons, and many more, in the world of Dragon Quest, this game was thought mainly to be for the Japanese audiences that really love this Akira Toriyama saga. The building and crafting systems are solid and some of the best things in the game.

A very nice success for Square Enix

Dragon Quest Builders chibi-like characters are of the best reasons to play the game
Dragon Quest Builders chibi-like characters are of the best reasons to play the game

This franchise has a niche player base, but according to Square Enix, Dragon Quest Builders 2, launched back in 2019, sold more than 1 million units. This PC version of the game will add an undo button, mouse control, and many other features. The Terra Incognito DLC will include many new pieces of content that add lots of sets and things for you. Dragon Quest Builders is set in the world of Alefgard. The main difference with other Dragon Quest games is that you are a builder, not a hero.


In many new areas, you will have to rebuild ruins from scratch again to bring Alefgard to its former glory. The campaign of Dragon Quest Builders is made to last a good amount of time, with different main quests to discover this enormous world. There is also a sandbox mode that lets you enjoy all the crafting capabilities without any quests bothering you and make whatever you want. 

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