Squid Game Actor Reacts To Fan Theories About Ali’s Survival


Actor Anupam Tripathi responds to Squid Game fan theories about his character’s survival in the show.

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Squid Game is a Korean series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk which premiered in 2021 and became a global hit. It earned lots of positive reviews from fans and critics, and it is also one of Netflix’s most-watched original series. It tells the narrative of a group of ordinary citizens invited to play a children’s game for a chance to win loads of cash.


The Game That Took The World By Storm

Squid Game Netflix
Netflix’s Squid Game

Ali Abdul, played by Tripathi, is one of the many supporting characters that did not make it to the end. He has formed alliances with Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist, which secured his survival for the first few stages of the game.

On the fourth level, he teamed up with Cho Sang-woo, the cleverest among the bunch, for a game of marbles. Ali’s trusting nature betrayed him as Sang-woo used it to his advantage and saved himself. Ali lost the game and was killed off right after the challenge.


Will Ali Return To Squid Game Season 2?

Ali Squid Game
Anupam Tripathi as Ali in Netflix’s Squid Game

Tripathi said in an interview with Gold Derby that he is aware of the theories concocted by fans regarding his character in Squid Game.

I have heard about it. People love the character, they associate with that character. And when they say, ‘Ali deserved better,’ and ‘Ali deserves justice,’ it feels like they still believe in humanity,” said Tripathi.


I read all those theories, you know, it’s funny. They want me back in season 2. But I always keep, like, let’s hope for what the directors’ or the writers’ imagination would be. I think that kind of space you have to give to them because we know I am like a lot of characters who are dead and let’s see what happens next,” the actor added.

While it is unclear if Ali will return for the next season, the actor expressed his excitement about whether or not the creator of the show would revive his character.


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