Squid Game Season 2 Star Lee Jung-jae Demands More Than 3X Millie Bobby Brown’s Stranger Things Salary

Squid Game Season 2 Star Lee Jung-jae Demands More Than 3X Millie Bobby Brown's Stranger Things Salary
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One of South Korea’s biggest stars, Lee Jung-jae became a global star with Netflix’s Squid Games. One of the most popular shows on Netflix, Squid Games became immensely popular leading to the streaming giant announcing season 2 with an equally amazing and star-studded cast.

Lee Jung-jae is one of the most popular South Korean stars
Lee Jung-jae is one of the most popular South Korean stars

With Lee Jung-jae set to reprise his role in Squid Games 2, a shocking detail has come forward which is set to make the Hunt star South Korea’s highest-paid actor of all time. His shockingly high salary would make him earn more than actors and actresses like Millie Bobby Brown.

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Lee Jung-Jae’s Squid Games 2 Shocking Salary

Lee Jung-jae in a still from the Squid Games
Lee Jung-jae in a still from the Squid Games

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Lee Jung-jae was already a popular star in the South Korean film world. Having starred in popular movies like Deliver Us From Evil, Along with the Gods, City of the Rising Sun to name a few, he had an established fanbase before his popularity skyrocketed with Netflix’s Squid Games. With Squid Games becoming immensely popular all around the globe, Jung-jae became the first non-English person to bag the Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy Award for a Drama Series. Thus, solidifying his success as a global star.

With Squid Games 2 in production and Lee Jung-jae reprising his role as Seong Gi-hun, the popular South Korean news outlet Dispatch revealed the star’s shocking new salary. According to Dispatch, Jung-jae would be charging over $1 Million per episode of the 13-episode thriller drama against his $245,000 per episode salary during the first season. This would equal Lee Jung-jae making about $13 Million for the entire Season 2 of Squid Games.


It was also revealed that Netflix was unable to decline the South Korean star’s request since he is a significant part of the series and his increasing world-wide popularity after the first season of the popular series.

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Lee Jung-Jae’s Salary Higher Than The Likes Of Millie Bobby Brown

Lee Jung-jae's salary higher than Millie Bobby Brown's Stranger Things earnings
Lee Jung-jae’s salary is higher than Millie Bobby Brown’s Stranger Things salary

Stranger Things is another popular Netflix drama. It has broken multiple records and established new ones. Millie Bobby Brown, the show’s lead actress earned only about $300,000 for each episode up until season 3. With the show’s growing popularity, Brown is expected to earn much higher. But even with the increased earnings her total salary would remain less than Lee Jung-jae.


This significant difference shows the decreasing disparity between white and Asian stars, further showing how cinema has been helping break barriers of racial prejudice, and the white supremacist narrative in the world.

You can stream Squid Games and Stanger Things on Netflix.

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