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Stan Lee’s Original Plan For Loki Was Making Him A Total Idiot

Loki is the most cunning and calculative person we have ever seen. He is always two, even three steps ahead of his foes. Using his magic and innate powers of manipulation, he has made even the mightiest of foes kneel before him. He singlehandedly almost took down the Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And if fate permits, he could do it all over again. Thor, Doctor Strange, and the rest of the Avengers consider Loki a deadly threat. But when Loki first debuted in Marvel Comics, the Trickster God was made to look like an epic level idiot. And you can thank Stan lee for this mishap.

Loki’s first official debut was in Journey Into Mystery #85 in the year 1952. Over the years, Loki became one of Thor’s most clever villains. He would come back to haunt Thor numerous times. But when his adventures in Marvel Comics first began, it was Syan lee at the steering wheel. And he turned Loki from  Norse God of Wonder to a God of Absolute Mediocrity

When Thor first debuted in Marvel Comics, even he did not know he was a God of Thunder. The original Thor was Doctor Donald Blake, a weak and frail young man who found a magic staff that transformed him into Thor. When Blake let go of Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds, the hammer would turn into a simple wooden staff and Thor would turn back into Blake. After fighting petty criminals and monsters, Thor discovered he is the son of Odin and was banished to Earth. But by that time, Thor had already fought Loki a couple of times.

Loki’s Early Plans To Defeat Thor was Childishly Dumb

Once Loki escaped his prison in Asgard, he traveled to Earth and faced Thor. His first plan was to make Thor throw his hammer into a lake. That would transform him back into Donald Blake. But he forgot one of Mjolnir’s signature moves was returning back to Thor’s hands. Pretty stupid for someone who is literally Thor’s brother and has known him for thousands of years.

Loki’s second plan was to trap Thor in an illusion. The illusion would force Thor to relinquish his powers. There was one teeny, tiny mistake though. Loki forgot that once Thor dropped Mjolnir, he would return back to being Donald Blake. And the incantation was meant for Thor, not Donald Blake.

The next series of events were tragic for Loki, to say the least. He spent the rest of his yesteryears running away from Thor. From movie theaters to into a flock of birds, Loki tried using every means of escape to be spared Thor’s wrath. Thor eventually caught up to Loki. When Loki slipped of his winged steed and fell into a river, Thor dove after him. Thor later explains that Loki is vulnerable to water and his powers are useless against it.

So Stan Lee ensured the single greatest threat to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was once weak against an element that covers three-fourths of the planet’s surface. Some God, sheesh!!

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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