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Star Trek: Spock Actor Zachary Quinto Says Whole Cast Wants Star Trek 4

With Disney leaving no stone unturned for pushing the Star Wars Universe into the frontlines, it is time for Paramount’s Star Trek to up the ante. The last few Star Trek movies have been abysmal. That does not mean the franchise is dead. Gene Roddenberry’s science-fiction classic is rocking it in the small screens. CBS All Access’ Picard and the massively popular Star Trek Discovery have been huge hits. The Science-Fiction genre is only beginning to blossom. And Star Trek, one of the stalwarts of this particular arena, must come forward for another journey into the unknown. To that end, Zachary Quinto aka Spock of the latest Star trek movies, confirms the cast is ready for another Star Trek movie.

While on an interview with the CBS’ The Talk, Zachary Quinto was bombarded with a flurry of questions. A few of them were on the future of the Star Trek Universe. Host Eve of CBS’ The Talk was the one who asked him that question. Eve asked whether Quinto would be willing to play the Vulcan in another cinematic entry into the Star Trek Universe. Quinto replied with – “Absolutely!!”

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The prospect of another Star Trek movie really lit up Quinto’s eyes. He went on to say that the entire cast of the Star Trek movies is a close knit group. They remain friends and stay in touch even after all these years. If given the opportunity, “all of [them] would welcome the opportunity to go back”. Quinto was eager to be a part of future Star Trek Stories. But the only hindrance is the current science fiction genre market in the movie making industry according to the veteran actor. The market is a bit “saturated”, says Zachary Quinto.

CBS All Access is currently streaming Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Short Treks, and Star Trek: Discovery. There is too much Star Trek being streamed already. People will find it hard to find the courage to go for yet another Star Trek movie at the moment.

It was in the year 2009 that the Star trek reboot movie hit the big screens. The movie was a huge success and opened the doors for Roddenberry’s classics to enter Hollywood again. Another movie titled Star Trek: Into Darkness, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead antagonist was released in 2013. Three years later Star trek: Into Darkness, featuring Idris Elba as the villain was released. The movie was panned for having a weak storyline and straying away from regular Star Trek lore.

One interesting fact about Star Trek 4 is that there were actually talks for a fourth film. Paramount was in the final rounds with actors like Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth for another Star Trek movie. Talks fell through because of salary disagreements between the actors and the studio. Star Trek 4 went into development limbo. It has not been able to escape that hell since.

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There is little to no possibility for another Star Trek movie. The project is encountering one bad news after another. After losing its lead actors, Director Quentin Tarantino, who was supposed to direct Star Trek 4, lost interest in the venture. Noah Hawley, writer and producer of hit shows like Legion and Fargo, was then rumored to have come forward to direct the fourth Star Trek movie. That too was found to be a pipe-dream. Star Trek 4 is yet to see the light of day. We are all eager to see and explore places “Where No Man Has Gone Before”!!

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