Star Wars: 7 Bitter Truths That Prove Being A Mandalorian Isn’t Nearly As Cool As It Sounds


Despite how cool they look and sound, being a Mandalorian is the worst thing that could happen to you in the Star Wars universe.

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They Are Doomed To Be Refugees For All Eternity

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After the Empire took over, Palpatine took control of Mandalore, a move Mandalorians did not agree with. They opposed Imperial forces’ attempts to take away the right to rule their own planet as well as their valuable Beskar. The Emperor wanted the Mandalorians subjugated at all costs. And thus came the Great Purge, a planet wide genocide that eradicated the population of Mandalore and made the Mandalorians thatr fled the planet eternal refugees.

Their Codes Of Conduct Are Extremely Stringent

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Since the entire race is forged out of a warrior code, their way of life is also governed by the blade and the spear. A Mandalorian is never allowed to take his or her helmet off when in the presence of others. He or she must always follow the Way of the Mandalore and help other Mandalorians who follow the Way. New recruits are called Foundlings and they are coerced into following this fanaticism. Mandalorians like Bo-Katan consider this warrior code as extremist and almost cult-like.

Forever The Hunted

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The Mandalorians, after the fall of their home-world, remain scattered all across the Galaxy. And the smaller factions are always on the run, being chased after by other groups. Sometimes an Imperial Faction would try and kill them. Other times, criminals and thugs from different worlds would prey on them for their precious Beskar armor.

The Constant Infighting

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Ironically the biggest threat to the Mandalorians is not from outside forces but from their own people. Civil War has been a part of Mandalorian history since a long time. Splinter groups who wanted to honor the Old Ways fought a new faction of Mandalorians that wanted peace. The result ended up engulfing the entire Mandalore. After the Empire took over, another Civil War broke out between the ones that supported the Empire and the ones that didn’t.

Every Major Player Wants To Control Them

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The Mandalorians are hunted not just because of their line of work or their violent history. the biggest reason people try to control them isn’t even their precious Beskar. The sole reason groups like the Jedi, the Shadow Collective, the Sith or even their own brethren – the Death Watch, tries to control the Mandalorians is because they are powerful warriors and would make for good soldiers.

You Are Nothing If Not A Great Warrior

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Mandalorian Culture is built around combat. It values, loyalty, strength, and discipline above anything else. That is not an easy path to walk. Older Mandalorians expect the younger ones to live up to and even exceed their expectations. When Duchess Satin tried to re-forge Mandalorian culture into one of pacifism, the resistance was so unrelenting it led to the fall of the Mandalorian home-world.

To Lead, You Must Win Or Die Trying

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For all their scientific advancements, the Mandalorians still follow a strict code of honor since time immemorial. Leadership is a right you cannot win through votes if you are a Mandalorian. The only leader the Mandalorians recognize is the one wielding the Darksaber. The right to wield teh Darksaber can only be earned through combat. It can never be granted. Bo-Katan Kryze desires the Darksaber which is currently in the possession of Din Djarin. This could lead to another Civil War breaking out.


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