The Mandalorian: 10 Glaring Flaws That Secretly Make The Show Awful

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The Star Wars fan base is known for its habit of relentless nitpicking. Even a cult classic like The Mandalorian is not going to escape the spotlight. Here are a few major flaws of the show that might end up making you hate it for all eternity.


Uneven Pacing

For a while, we liked The Mandalorian and its slow pacing. But after a while, it started feeling lethargic and unnecessary. It takes time for the viewers to immerse themselves in a universe they may or may not be aware of to a fuller extent. Not everyone is an ardent Star wars fan. So giving the viewers enough time to understand the context made sense. But that should not have been the case in the second season. The universe and the backstory had already been established. The episodic format started becoming predictable. The same things started repeating and happening no matter which planet Mando travelled to next – he met a stranger, went on an adventure, was double-crossed, and somehow always managed to save the day. There could have been a little more chaos and suspense.


Not Revealing Baby Yoda’s Origins

Of course there is more to Baby Yoda. The little dude has a story for the ages. Unfortunately we might never get to hear it. Now that Grogu is in the care of Luke Skywalker, he will probably come out as a better trained Jedi. That will lead to progression in its character development and eventually we will all forget about asking questions regarding Grogu’s past. The cycle has already been initiated. For a central character, Grogu has managed to keep his past cryptic and elusive. We actually know more about the stoic Mando than we know about Baby Yoda, which is definitely wrong.

Grogu’s Power Keeps Fluctuating

We hate to admit it but Baby Yoda was pretty much useless throughout Season 2. In Season 1, he managed to lift a Mud-horn with his powers. Another time he managed to force choke a storm trooper. There were also times he could not do much despite such displaying such awesome feats of Jedi skills earlier. The explanation given later was that his powers were not under his control and were ‘unfocused’. They only manifested when Mando was in danger. But several times when Mando was in obvious peril like during the Ice Spider attack, Grogu did nothing.


Famous Faces Clouded The Plot

We will say it – The Mandalorian Season 1 was way better than The Mandalorian Season 2. And all of that was because of one primary reason. The first season of the show started on a smaller scale and had a limited magnitude of characters. So the writers thought creatively and managed to give us an enjoyable plot with their resourcefulness. The Mandalorian Season 2 had a bigger budget and bigger shoes to fill. By littering the show with famous faces like Bo-Katan, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, and Ahsoka Tano, the fan-service pushed the show to new heights but it came at a terrible price. What made Season 1 a cult-classic made Season 2 kind of a let-down.

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The Empire’s Incompetency

We get it. The Empire is but a mere shadow of its former self. The Mandalorian takes place years after the destruction of the Second Death Star. There’s not much for the Empire to salvage itself from. Whatever Imperial Forces remain have been pooled up under regional commanders like Moff Gideon. But let’s not forget – the Mandalorian’s Imperial remnants are what would one day form the formidable First Order. We take one look at the elite storm troopers and realize how comically ridiculous and incompetent they are in a fight.



Beskar is one of the most valuable materials to exist in the star wars universe. Created by the Mandalorians to fight the Jedi, Beskar Steel can withstand anything from a blaster rifle to a lightsaber. Beskar is pretty much the Vibranium equivalent in the Galaxy far, far away. It is a metal that theoretically requires a furnace that can run up to at least 10,000 degrees. For all its amazing properties, Din Djarin’s armor is regularly dented after a battle. The Armorer manages to mend and re-forge Beskar steel armor using a furnace. But the temperature in which Beskar can be molded requires the furnace to be suspended using magnetic levitation. That was never shown to be the case in the show.

Din Djarin Knows Literally Nothing About The Jedi

It is highly unusual for someone like Din Djarin to have absolutely no knowledge about the Jedi. Considering he was rescued by the Death Watch during the Clone Wars – a war led by Jedi Generals, it looks even more unusual. When Din Djarin first sees Luke Skywalker in action, he literally asks him if he is a Jedi. Even if the Empire had managed to wipe out the stories of ancient conflict between the Sith and the Jedi from the galaxy, a Mandalorian must have some basic knowledge about the Jedi. Even Anakin Skywalker of the Outer Rims was able to figure out what a Jedi was. How come Din Djarin took so long to learn the trick?


Din Djarin Is Somehow Always In The Right Place At The Right Time

One look at his exploits and adventures and we would feel like Mando has some terribly bad luck. Another look at the same events and you would realize how dead wrong you are. Din Djarin is one of the luckiest people in the Galaxy. Every time he was in a fix, like almost being swallowed by a sea creature, killed by ice spiders, or run over by pirates, someone would swoop in to save him. This is a problem that has dogged even the nine part Skywalker saga. The protagonist is always in the right place at the right time.

Technological Inconsistency


There were scenes in both The Mandaloran season 1 and 2 that were laughably inaccurate. For example, a simple facial scan at an Imperial Terminal is not going to give anyone critical information on their ships and cruisers. You would need to have some sort of authorization from a superior officer. There will be a code cylinder that needs to be inserted for the Imperial Terminal to start relaying information to you. And that is an example that just came from the top of our heads. There are at least half a dozen such instances in every season of the series.

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No Major Deaths


The show has had trouble with the concept of death since the very beginning. It will not even let Mando and Grogu get major injuries, let alone losing their lives in the series. The show has trouble letting go of major characters. So expect death like Kuuil and IG-11 itself. The Mandalorian is just not ballsy enough to kill off major characters. Although after Gina Carano’s debacle, the show might be giving Cara Dune a Ned Stark like farewell. Kidding!! We don’t think the show is gutsy enough to kill off even Carano’s character.


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