Star Wars: Biggest Fake Twists The Movies Fooled Us With

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This franchise had unusual plots and characters which ended in underwhelming twists. Nobody anticipated they were coming. Here are some of the biggest fake twists that fooled all the viewers.


1. Snoke as a prominent villain: Supreme leader Snoke initially possesses a lot of potential to become the show’s main villain, but all those dreams were over when he got split into two by Kylo Ren.Supreme Leader Snoke |

2. Rey’s long-anticipated history was revealed. It dismayed a lot of the viewers as it was not at all what they had expected. Her true parents descended from Emperor Palpatine.ray's history

3.  Accusing Darth Vader of killing Anakin Skywalker: When Obi-Wan confronts Darth Vader for killing Anakin, he refuses and tells him that he is his father. This is one of the most iconic moments in cinematic history. Later on, with further explanation, it’s just one half of the story.

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4. Boba Fett becoming a threat: His role in the movie franchise was drastically minimized as compared to the books and comics. Initially, his character showed a lot of potential, but Fett’s role wasn’t highlighted enough.Boba Fett's Ship Officially Has a New Name

5. Rey killing Chewbacca: During Chewbacca’s rescue mission, Rey accidentally fires at the ship, causing a huge blow and seemingly killing Chew, but later on, he had already been on board another ship.Chewbacca |

6. Rey’s unexpected offering: In the film’s ending, Rey offers Luke his old weapon back. Everybody thought he’ll take it in a manner of hope, but when he tossed it away in the sequel, it was a significant twist.Lucasfilm: Anakin's Lightsaber Now Officially Belongs to Rey | The Mary Sue

7. Luke confronts Kylo Ren: When hope was lost for the Resistance, Luke confronted Ren. Ren attempted to kill him but is astonished when the lightsaber passes right through him because he is really just a projection.Luke confronts Kylo Ren

8. Luke’s fight with Ben Solo: When Rey forces Ben to tell him the entire truth about what happened with Luke and him, the three flashbacks that follow describe the story perfectly, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat.Luke's falling out with Ben Solo

9. Yoda destroying the sacred Jedi texts: When Luke starts destroying all the sacred texts which contain all the knowledge, it comes as a huge shock when the Jedi master himself comes and destroys the rest of the books. He wanted Luke to let go of the past.Yoda destroying the sacred Jedi texts

10. Captain Phasma’s big reveal: Initially, she was a pretty bold character with her new suit, but her feeling slowly fades away and remains absent for most of the franchise until the end, when she meets her fate.Captain Phasma's significant presence

11. C-3PO’s memory gets wiped:  when C-3PO’s memory was erased at a very crucial point it was tragic, but thankfully he recovers most of it through the help of Threepio.C-3PO's memory gets wiped

12. Darth Maul’s role (and death) in The Phantom Menace: When Maul died, at first, everybody believed that it was the end of a pretty minor character, as shown in the movie, but he survives and even gets a makeshift body.Darth Maul's role (and death) in The Phantom Menace

13. The Knights of Ren: The first two seasons give us a glimpse of the Rens’ disciples. However, they finally show up in the next just for some action scenes.The Knights of Ren

14. Palpatine’s death: The Emperor was a potential character until the dark side decided to kill him; however, he comes back in “The Rise of the Skywalker.”Palpatine's death

15. Poe Dameron’s apparent death: When his flight crashed, everybody believed it was his demise; however, he survived.Poe Dameron's apparent death


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