Star Wars: Iconic Planets Other Than Tatooine Fans Could See In Future Disney+ Shows

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Many Star Wars planets in the galaxy far, far away do not get the attention they truly deserve. It is time Disney+ Star wars shows honor these iconic locations.


Nal Hutta – Book Of Boba Fett Season 2

Nal Hutta

The Hutts are the galactic crime lords of the galaxy far, far away. They are so influential and powerful that even the Empire would rather have them as allies than enemies. Their homeworld, Nal Hutta, is a land of slime and swamp. The Hutts being so prominent in the Star wars lore, we are surprised Nal Hutta is mentioned so little in the franchise. The Book Of Boba Fett introduced the Hutt Twins. If a season 2 ever comes, the Hutts will obviously play a more important role. Nal Hutta could be a place that could be explored more in The Book Of Boba Fett season 2.

Oba Diah – Book Of Boba Fett Season 2

Oba Diah | Star Wars
Oba Diah

The Pyke syndicate was only seen as a secondary antagonist in previous Star Wars flicks. But in Book of Boba Fett, they proved to be a force of nature. In the power vacuum that was left after Jabba the Hutt’s demise, the Pykes came to Tatooine and tried wrestling the power pover from its newest Daimyo – Boba Fett. Oba Diah will most likely appear in a season 2 of the series. The Pykes enjoy the profits they gain from the profitable spice trade. The location of their homeworld gives them a rather strategic advantage. Located at the end of the Kessel run, Oba Diah could appear in a future Star Wars show.


Dathomir – Kenobi

Dathomir | Star Wars

The planet of Dathomir may be one of the harshest planets in the entire galaxy to live on. It is home to creatures like the Rancor. Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress call this barren rock home. In the Clone Wars series, Count Dooku led the Separatist forces who massacred the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers. Kenobi will most likely take us to Dathomir. In Star Wars Rebels, Darth Maul visits Dathomir in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Fans speculate that the show will give us a legendary rematch between the two warriors and it will happen on Dathomir in the series.

Corellia – Lando


A planet of industry, Corellia is basically a massive shipyard where all kinds of ships are made, repaired and customized. It is also the home planet of Han Solo. The planet was featured in Solo: A Star Wars Story. But it needs to be mentioned in a more active fashion. The planet provided ship production and repairing services to the Imperial Fleet. It was also where everyone’s favorite spaceship – The Millenium ‘Bucket of Bolts’ Falcon was made. A Lando Calrissian series is in the works and Lando was the original owner of the Millenium Falcon. We could see Corellia back in action again in the show.

Concordia – The Mandalorian Season 3

Concordia - Mandalore Moon

Technically it is not a plane but a moon. Concordia was a moon where the Children of the Watch hid while the Great Purge was decimating Mandalore. The satellite is extremely important to the history of Mandalore and will most like feature in The Mandalorian Season 3. Flashback sequences could reveal a young Din Djarin spending his days on the moon. The Death Watch, an extremist Mandalorian faction that wanted to topple the then present government, also called Concordia home.


Mandalore – The Mandalorian Season 3


A planet cursed with a bloody history, every scene of Mandalore we have seen so far in The Mandalorian was full of violence and bloodshed. The Civil War destroyed the planet and the Empire came to decimate whatever’s left. Din Djarin needs to redeem himself and get back to his creed since he removed his helmet. In the Star Wars universe, Mandalore is a pretty huge deal. The Mandalorian season 3 could be bringing back this iconic Star Wars planet back to the screens.


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